Rent a minibus Caravelle T5 & T6

Caravelle T5 & T6 Volkswagen

Caravelle T5 or T6 is a welcoming 9 passengers minibus, with a refined interior space (interior soundproofing, carpeting, lighting). The functionality of the interior and the latest innovative technologies from Volkswagen provide answers to the most stringent requirements in terms of comfort and driving safety.
Our minibuses are equipped with diesel economical engines. With stop and start technology, some of our road Caravelles consume less than 6 liters per 100 km! Tolls they benefit more than the fare "light vehicles" (height less than 2m).
Our Caravelles have many variants (colors, long frame, leather upholstery, tinted windows...). Contact us directly if you have a set of specifications for your trip!


Technical features - new vehicles under 30 months



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