Volkswagen Transporter M.

Volkswagen Transporter M.

Minibus 9 seats Manual | PVMR

9 M 9 1

The Transporter is a simple, effective nine-passenger minibus. Hiring a Volkswagen Transporter T6 gives you an economic and practical mobility solution, ideal for travelling simply.

Volkswagen Transporter M. hire in detail

9 Manual Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)1Similicuir 2.0 TDI 102PS AC 9 Diesel 4904*1904*1990 L*l*h (mm)

WeVan features

The Transporter T6 has been Volkswagen's best-selling utility vehicle since it was “born” in 1947. Its Combi people transport version is an extremely flexible minibus that can seat up to nine passengers. The VW Transporter is a streamlined, back-to-basics minivan that's characterised by its sturdiness, refinement and ease of use.

The Volkswagen Transporter T6's configurable benches (request the day before departure), pelletised plastic floor and attachment rings make it perfect for groups that need lots of functionality, including musicians, sports associations and even large families! So if you're heading out with more gear than musicians, we can transform your nine-passenger minibus into a six-passenger minibus with significant cargo space.
None of these characteristics keep the VW Transporter T6 from being a comfortable, reliable vehicle over long distances thanks to modern technology focused on driving and safety. And it qualifies for the light vehicle fee class at tolls (height below 2m). The Volkswagen Transporter T6 is the We-Van fleet's entry-level solution for nine-passenger minibus hire.

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