Rent a minibus Caravelle Luxe T5 & T6

Caravelle Luxe T5 & T6 Volkswagen

The 'Luxurious' Esquisse T5 throws back to the renown of the classic 9-seater version, and yet goes further in comfort. Aboard, bathe in the delights of leather upholstery and tinted windows, bringing you at once both splendor and privacy. In terms of driving, this minibus is fitted with a reliable and efficient, 140hp VW engine – so you can go along, while getting along, pretty comfortably!

This minibus range is a glistening product of generations of Volkswagen savoir-faire and technical structuring, combined with a newfound finesse. Inside, sumptuousness meets spaciousness and the two ring out in the latest VW technology (cf. cockpit soundproofing, carpeting, sophisticated lighting, etc.). Of course, let's not forget, the We-Van 'trademark', when we consider that this high-calibre vehicle allows you to travel where you please, when you please, at minimal cost (toll road tariffs: 'véhicules légers' / light vehicles; limited fuel consumption).

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