Our minibus hire branch in Calais


9003, rue des Sycomores
62231 Sangatte-Bleriot Plage
Getting there

+33 3 74 39 39 25

Branch opening hours

(may differ from online reservation times)


Reception hours ( different from rental slots) :

  • Monday to Friday : 9h30-12h00  / 14h00-17h30.
  • Saturday: Visit by appointement or for rental departures and returns. 


Sunday and public holiday: Closed.


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Services Our Agency Offers

  • Parking gratuit 
  • Livraison et reprise du van de location (sur devis et selon disponibilités)
  • Pick-up : gares et aéroport (sur devis et selon disponibilités)
  • Retour en dehors des horaires d'ouverture (sur rendez-vous et selon disponibilité)

Getting to Your Agency

50°57'18.9"N 1°48'37.3"E
9003, Rue des Sycomores, 62231, Sangatte Bleriot-Plage

En véhicule personnel :

Depuis la  A16 : sortie 43  direction : Blériot Plage – Fort Nieulay. Au rond-point, prendre la 1ère sortie : D940 en direction de : BLÉRIOT-PLAGE - PLAGE. Suivre D940. Passer 2 ronds point puis au 3eme rond-point prendre direction : Sangatte Blériot-Plage sur D940. Entrer et traverser Blériot-Plage. Suivre D940 / Route Départementale 940. Après le camping "Fort Lapin" de Blériot-Palge (sur la droite). Prendre à gauche : Rue des Sycomores et continuer 150 m (niveau 14 rue des Sycomores). 


En taxi / VTC :

  • Taxi Sablon : 06 66 42 57 45
  • Taxi M. Merlin : 06 88 33 38 56

Useful addresses

Pour le carburant et le lavage :

  • À 150 m de l’agence, station de lavage Clean It 7/7j (à l'angle de la rue des Sycomores et D940)
  • À 3 km de l’agence, station-service Auchan Calais 7/7j
  • À 6 km de l’agence, station-service Carrefour Coquelles 7/7j : Aire service camping-car

    Our fleet of minibuses rental in Calais

    Ford Transit Custom Kombi

    Ford Transit Custom Kombi

    9 seat Minibus Hire

    9 A/M 9 1

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    Rent a minibus in Calais


    Calais sits at the intersection of roads leading to Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands a bit further along the route. These roads will take you on adventures with family or friends as well as business trips. There are so many good reasons to hire a minibus in Calais.

    Go to the port in Calais, look to the north-west and your escape will be calling to you. You’ll see the English coastline in the distance, the lights of London, the Ferris wheel… Okay, fine, no one has eyesight that good. But the Great Fog (London’s nickname, which perhaps wasn’t chosen by its residents) isn’t too far away. You just need to hire a minibus hire in Calais and then take the Channel Tunnel (or board a ferry) to make your way there. The WeVan minibus hire agency in Calais is close to the port and the train station, so this couldn’t be any easier. Now you can start your British road trip!

    Maybe you speak Flemish or Dutch better than English (although we wouldn’t really bet on that last one). No problem. Your people carrier hire in Calais can also take you on a road trip through the low country where you can explore the lovely cities of Brussels, Bruges or Gant. Travel will be fun and comfortable in your 8-seater minibus rental or 9-seater minibus rental in Calais. Plus you won’t have to keep your luggage to a minimum since you’ll have a large storage space.

    In a more formal environment, minibus hire in Calais can also be a significant advantage for professionals. Take care of your high-end people transport needs by hiring a minibus in Calais and choose from our 8-seater minibuses and 9-seater luxury minibuses. As you can see, hiring a people carrier is the perfect way to transport your business partners around your area.

    This region has a full cultural calendar, so minibus hire in Calais is perfect for making your way from one event to another, like Côte d’Opale Festival and Rock en Stock. Hiring a people carrier in Calais makes it simpler for individuals to organise a group outing. For professionals like videographers and photographers, it allows them to transport their equipment without sacrificing their own comfort. Basically, minibus hire in Calais is the solution to all your problems!