COVID-19 : option "Flexibilité Annulation" offerte pour tous les départs en 2021 : annulez sans frais votre voyage jusqu'à 48 heures avant le début de votre location. En savoir plus
COVID-19 : option "Flexibilité Annulation" offerte pour tous les départs en 2021.
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Aix-Marseille minibus hire

Choose a minibus for your business travel or group adventures in Provence, on the Côte d’Azur and in…


Bâle-Mulhouse minibus hire

Go and explore the Alsace region, the Vosges mountains, the Jura Range, the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps, on board a minimus rented from…


Chambéry minibus hire

Take a seven-, eight- or nine-passenger minibus to enjoy winter sports in the Alps. You’ll love the spacious boots and the…


Cholet minibus hire

Louez un minibus à Cholet pour tous vos circuits vers la Vallée de la Loire à l’est ou la façade atlantique à l’ouest...


Lille minibus hire

Consider renting a minibus for your group trips in Lille and the surrounding area, for a tour at the Grand Site des Deux Caps and…


Lyon minibus hire

Opt for one of our seven- to nine-passenger minibuses when you’re organising people transport in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and take advantage of…


Montpellier minibus hire

Choose the minibus that best meets your needs from our range and review the list of services we provide for…


Paris minibus hire

Hire a minibus for your business trips or leisure travel with multiple passengers. You’ll enjoy its comfort and…


Rennes minibus hire

Opt for the reliability and comfort of our seven- to nine-passenger minibuses for your trips in Brittany and enjoy the…


Tours minibus hire

Hire a minibus to explore the Loire Valley with family or friends...

Rental campervan by WeVan
How anyone and everyone can go on a nomadic adventure

There’s no better way to travel and get up close and personal with the elements than in the comfort of a campervan, your own little house on wheels. A campervan gives you the incredible privilege of spending the night in all the places you love to do your favourite outdoor activities: next to a sweet surf spot, at the base of a climbing route, or beside a trout stream. Your campervan lets you enjoy every minute from sunrise to sunset in the best spots, with your warm, dry base camp always close by so you can heat up a tasty dish or play cards with hot tea in hand. You’re free to do whatever you want: eat up the miles to find different weather, make a short hop to explore an unknown region that’s even deeper, or just stay wherever you are in complete autonomy once you find your piece of paradise on earth.

Since 2010, we’ve been putting our hearts and souls into helping you find unique experiences on the road. Campervan rental is a combination of vehicle hire, hotel booking and travel agency. It’s a demanding service that our deeply committed teams work hard to offer you, roadtrip after roadtrip. Since family holidays, weekend trips with friends or solo escapades deep in nature are (still) too rare to leave to chance, we’ve got you covered: our professionalism and well-known expertise in campervan hire in France and Europe are just what you need for a successful adventure. Obviously, the most important part of a successful roadtrip in a van is hiring a clean, recent, well-maintained, fully-equipped campervan that meets all your needs in terms of comfort, liveability and handling. It’s truly our pleasure to help you find the right campervan to hire from our large fleet. We’re available by email, phone or right in our agencies.

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