When to hire a minibus ?

Pretty much everyone’s had a misadventure on a car trip. Like the time when the boot wouldn’t stay shut, when the little one was fed up with being in such a tight space, when big sister’s friend had to stay home because there wasn’t any space… Did you know there’s a solution for all these annoyances? What if you hire a minibus?Read on to learn more about the benefits of a 7- or 9-seat minibus hire and how it can really change the mood of your family trips or business travel. 

Travelling with family or friends: the perfect time to hire a minibus

Heading out for a hen or stag party? Taking off on holiday? Spending a weekend in the mountains? There’s always a good reason to hire a minibus! Much more than a car, or two cars in this case, a minibus is the perfect vehicle for travelling with family or friends. It gives you a fun space for everyone to chat and create unforgettable memories together. No more fighting about who gets the best seat: ALL the seats in here are comfortable. And there’s space for everyone: a WeVan minibus isn’t so mini, so it can carry up to 9 people! In your 9-seat minibus, you can travel with your mother-in-law, your kids, your friends, your suitcases and even the guinea pig! WeVan is a great way to save money, too. Rather than taking 2 cars or buying train tickets for 8 or 9 people, just hire a minibus! WeVan’s minibuses and people carriers are comfortable, spacious and reliable, making them the key to a successful trip. 

WeVan minibus hire agencies are (nearly) everywhere in most large cities! WeVan experts are ready to assist you whether you’re looking for minibus hire in Lille or minibus hire in Paris, Bordeaux or Clermont-Ferrand. Find the closest WeVan minibus hire agencies and work with our team of travel specialists to plan the perfect trip!

Taking a business trip: make your travel easier with minibus hire

Want to organise a team building session with your employees? Need to attend an event with colleagues or get to a film or photo shoot? Then go for minibus hire! A practical, easy-to-reserve minibus is the perfect solution for transporting your professional equipment and travelling safely. The 8-seat minibus offers comfort for everyone thanks to a large boot and adjustable seats. No more cricks in your neck since you won’t have to keep turning your head to talk with your colleagues! With the lounge configuration, available on request for certain models, you can finally face other passengers in your WeVan minibus. Don’t be surprised if they don’t ever want to leave the vehicle!

Have an important trip coming up? We’ve selected luxury vehicles for you that are especially suited for prestigious events. Our elegant and modern fleet of high-end Mercedes minibuses will perfectly meet all your needs and expectations.

As the specialist in B2B minibus hire, WeVan has many professional clients in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rouen, Lille, Toulouse and elsewhere. We’re a leading partner in many cities. 

There’s no shortage of reasons to hire a minibus. Planning an adventure or a business trip soon? Get in contact with WeVan!