Category Backliner

Category Backliner

Minibus 5/6 seats Automatic | VMDX

5/6 A 10 1/2

The Backline Vans class (Mercedes Vito Mixto or Volkswagen Procab) is the perfect link between people transport and utility vehicles, offering 5 or 6-seat vans available for rental, with a separate sheeted boot going up to 4.4 m³.

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5/6 Automatic Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)1/2- 2.2 TDI 150/163PS AC 10 Diesel Selon modèle

WeVan features

With the Mercedes Vito Mixto and the Volkswagen Procab, WeVan's Backline offer is more versatile than ever, working especially well for professionals who need to transport people and equipment in the same vehicle. Our Backline vehicles combine the prestige of Mercedes and Volkswagen, two leaders in people transport vehicles, with their experience and know-how regarding the panel van versions, featuring a rear boot separated from the cabin with a windowed sheet metal partition.

Regarding the chassis of our Backline vehicles, we offer the extended version of the Mercedes Vito Mixto or the extra-extended version of the Volkswagen Transporter, which provide a respectable load capacity while maintaining a reasonable size for effective use in urban environments. Here are the exact details: our fleet of Vito Mixto rental vehicles provides a maximum load length of 2.678mm for a volume of 3.6m³, while you get up to 3.460mm in length and a volume of 4.4 m³ with the Procab. And if you're transporting lots of equipment and you just can't fit it all in, talk with your WeVan agency. Most of our Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with a tow hitch and some agencies also offer trailer rental to go along with it.

In terms of people transport, these vehicles come with all the industry standards like metallic black bodywork, tinted windows automatic transmission  (and even two sliding doors for the Mercedes Vito Mixto). The reduced height of our Backline series allows the Mercedes Vito Mixto (1.890mm) to access most underground parking garages in city centres (>1.90m), a rare feature for this type of utility vehicle. As for the higher (1.990mm) Volkswagen Procab, it will only be able to access parking garages with a minimal clearance of 2m.

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