Volkswagen California Minivan A.

Volkswagen California Minivan A.

Minibus 7 seats Automatic | GVAR

7 A 5 1

The automatic 7-seat California Beach T6 minivan is a high-end hybrid vehicle that follows all the rules for passenger transportation and does so in style with an extraordinary interior design.

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7 Automatic Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)11Tissu 2.0 TDI 150PS AC 5 Diesel 4904*1904*1990 L*l*h (mm)

WeVan features

With the 7-passenger version, the Volkswagen California Beach T6 automatic has become more than just a high-end leisure vehicle. It's become an excellent professional option for the passenger transportation industry, similar to the Volkswagen Multivan T6 automatic.

The automatic Beach 7-seat minibus' interior modularity puts it on par with leading mobility vehicles, especially with the ability to configure the passenger space into a lounge. It provides 4 independently-adjustable seats, one 3-seat bench, as well as a large trunk or a passenger lounge area. And, if it turns out only 5 people are going on the trip, a work table can easily take the 2 extra spots!
While renting a 7-seat California Beach automatic will be especially useful for those in the passenger transport industry, it's also perfectly responsive to the needs of all professionals whose work depends on mobility. This includes photographers, production companies or musicians who will appreciate being able to work from their vehicle. With just a simple push, you can open the expandable roof to make room for a 2-person bed or space to stand up. And, like all vehicles in this class, the California Beach's height is below 2 m and therefore qualifies it for the light vehicle rate at tolls!

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