Volkswagen Caravelle Luxe M.

Volkswagen Caravelle Luxe M.

Minibus 9 seats Manual | LVMR

9 M 9 2

Hiring a Volkswagen Caravelle T6 Luxe is a refined way to meet expectations in the high-end passenger transport market. This luxury Volkswagen minibus pays ample attention to space and size.

Volkswagen Caravelle Luxe M. hire in detail

9 Manual Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)2Cuir 2.0 TDI 150PS AC 9 Diesel 5304*1904*1990 L*l*h (mm)

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The Volkswagen Caravelle T6 is on the short list of top vehicles for transport professionals. Volkswagen draws on its 70-plus years of experience in the minibus industry to offer a highly-reliable and efficient model. In addition, the Luxe version's refinement and prestige allow it to steal the spotlight from some of its more-established competitors in this market. It also meets every standard in high-end transportation, especially with its leather upholstery, tinted windows, double sliding doors and metallic black bodywork. Volkswagen demonstrates its expertise with carefully-designed finishings and the understated refinement of its clever lighting, sound-proof cabin, carpeted floor and more.

But the Volkswagen Caravelle T6's real luxury is its interior space. This nine-passenger minibus has the ideal 1.99m roof height. (This is the maximum height to stay within the light vehicle fee class at tolls and to enter parking garages with 2m limits.) And, thanks to its extended chassis, it also has ample passenger space and a boot that's quite impressive for this van segment (2.4m3 and 4.4m3 with bench removed).
Volkswagen's technological innovations in connectivity and multimedia are also remarkable and intuitive. This isn't always the case with certain direct competitors. And we have nothing but good to say about the new advanced driver-assistance systems. Hire a Volkswagen Caravelle Luxe and enjoy travelling in a prestigious and refined minivan.

Van rented for 9 people for a long weekend conference and we were really happy! The vehicle was exactly what we needed and the service was also very good.

Anne-Lise Torre

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