Four Weddings and a Minibus

If making your friends sleep in a tent on the night of your wedding isn't your cup of tea, and if the place you're getting married in doesn't have 230 rooms (with bathrooms) to host your guests like Kate & William did (really?), you've likely been kind enough to give them a list of nearby hotels and gîtes.

Now what? By our rough calculation, 50% of your guests will be sure to draw the short straw, stuck sipping orange juice while the others toast your happiness and taking home that certain guest (after the third round of Whitney's I Will Always Love You) who's had one too many. Or worse, you were afraid some might get behind the wheel without passing a breathalyzer. Well, you had a brilliant idea to avoid worrying about all of that: renting an eight seat minibus or nine seat minibus to shuttle your guests from the dance floor to their soft, warm beds. Since they'll be well taken care of, they'll leave their cars in the carpark and certainly enjoy the evening more (and you will too)! And the cherry on the wedding cake: you're sure they'll be back for brunch the next day (with the rental minibus) to get their car from the carpark (and give you a helping hand while they're there). We don't have any good advice for choosing the marriage minibus's driver, but we do wish you best of luck for when you break it to them.

A watered wedding: minibus hire 8 places