Minibus hire to follow your favorite athletes

Tour de France, away match of your favorite team, stage of a world car race or alpine skiing circuit, ice hockey championship (you read that right) or tree trunk throwing competition, sports events are so many opportunities to go on an adventure with your family or friends for which minibus hire proves to be an ideal formula.

Minibus hire offers the advantage of flexibility, with a rental period that you can adapt to your needs. For example, renting a minibus in Paris will allow you to follow the Tour de France over a period of three weeks, with its finale on the Champs-Elysées, while renting a minibus in Lyon or Aix-Marseille will be perfect to follow the mountain stages in the Alps. In the same way, renting an automatic minibus for a weekend will be the opportunity to go and support your favorite rugby team during a crucial away game. For a weekend of finals or for the whole duration of the Giro (let's see further!), minibus or minivan hire is a perfect alternative for your leisure trips.

Minibus rental, flexibility of time and space

With our 7-seat minibus rental, 8-seat minibus rental and even 9-seat minibus rental, you will inevitably find the minibus that suits the size of your group in the WeVan fleet. Minibus hire will allow you to travel in the greatest of comforts, and depending on the minibus model, to benefit from equipment such as an interior lounge for your meals, and a large loading space for your personal belongings.