[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

7 Seat family car rental

Your family is expanding? You are certainly looking for a more spacious vehicle for daily transportation or vacations. Discover our best selection of 7-seat MPVs and find the family car rental that will suit your needs with WeVan!

MPV Rental: The Ultimate Family Car

Being part of a large family can make every car journey complicated. Your neighbors take up too much space, things no longer fit in the trunk, the seat back is too rigid... Why not choose to rent a 7-seat multi-purpose vehicle to make your life easier? Modern, comfortable, and high-performing, our MPVs allow you to transport up to 7 people with ease. Their compact size makes them equally suitable for urban trips and countryside adventures – true all-rounders!

Family Car Rental: Plenty of Space 

Our versatile 7-seat multi-purpose vehicles combine comfort, ergonomics, and performance: they're agile both in the city and on rural roads. But when you have a large group, it's not just about having enough seats – you also need to think about luggage! If you frequently carry a lot of suitcases, we recommend renting a 7-seat MPV with a large trunk to benefit from even more cargo space. Thanks to the removable seats, you can easily adjust the trunk capacity to suit your needs!

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