Volkswagen Caravelle A.

Volkswagen Caravelle A.

Minibus 9 seats Automatic | UVAR

9 A 9 1

Hiring a Volkswagen Caravelle T6 automatic gives you a nine-passenger minibus that's very flexible, with a configuration that makes it perfect for professional people transport or leisure activities.

Volkswagen Caravelle A. hire in detail

9 Automatic Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)1Similicuir 2.0 TDI 150PS AC 9 Diesel 5304*1904*1990 L*l*h (mm)

WeVan features

Hire a Volkswagen Caravelle T6 automatic and you'll experience all of Volkswagen's historic expertise in the minibus niche. The Caravelle's predecessor had a chassis that first came out in 1947!

Its spacious, comfortable interior makes this Volkswagen Caravelle automatic T6 ideal for long trips. Well-designed liveable space, sound-insulated cabin, carpeted floor, a driver's cabin filled with innovative technology or the famous DSG7 automatic gearbox will help transform your many long hours on the road into minutes.
The vehicle already has a large, 2.4 m3 boot when configured for nine passengers. The cabin's modularity allows you to remove a seat and/or rear bench to head out in eight-, seven- or even three-passenger format, allowing you to take advantage of an impressive 6.7 m3 rear space. (Request the day before your departure.)

Just like all the other eight- or nine-passenger rental minibuses in this range that have heights under 2m, the Volkswagen Caravelle T6 automatic is only charged the light vehicle rate at tolls. With an economical diesel motor ensuring around 40mpg and an advantageous price point in our range, it is a great balance of comfort and price. So, why not swap your personal vehicle or skip the train…just pack the boot with luggage and set off in comfort with a big group of family or friends for your favourite holiday destination. You'll have great fun along the way! And if your preferred destination takes you to snowy peaks, we can equip your rental minibus with winter tyres and snow chains. An important detail to keep in mind!

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