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💎 80 € de réduc avec le code MINISUN24 valable jusqu'au 15/07, pour toute location de minibus > à 600 € en 2024

Benefits to hiring a WeVan minibus for winter sports


Why hire a minibus? A story of tight quarters

Too-tight ski boots, tiny apartments, crowded terraces… we have no idea why, but paradoxically, outdoor winter sports holidays aren’t often very spacious !

And, if we rewind the story a bit, the tight situation probably started well before you got to the ski resort. It likely began at the exact minute when you turned the keys and started your car to take off across France with all your gear on board (yes, Moon Boots take up a bit of space), your equipment (how do you feel about skis on the gear stick?) and your kids packed in the back with the bags at their feet. Of course, the return trip will surely be even more trying for them when they have to hold your annual store of Savoie saucissons or Pyrenees sheep’s cheese on their laps. But at least the friends you go skiing with each winter will have an even more tightly packed car.

Long story short, it’s time to get things under control this year. Time to say “no more” to holidays that start by cramming everything in and “yes” to change, organisation and space. This winter, it’s time to hire a nine-passenger minibus to head out skiing with family or friends!

A 9-passenger minibus in the snow

When you hire a WeVan minibus or people carrier, everything is provided to accommodate up to nine people (from six to nine seats depending on the minibus model) and all their luggage. Rather than head out in several cars, have fun travelling together and start your holiday as soon as you set off for your destination. And by the same token, to get back to more material considerations, you’ll also share petrol and toll costs, and will have only one vehicle to park at the bottom of the slopes every day: your hired minibus.

And if our big minivan boots aren’t enough, we offer optional accessories like roof racks and roof carriers designed especially for transporting all your equipment: skis, snowboards, snow shoes, sledges, sled dogs, etc. To transport this little universe and its equipment to the right place, you can also opt for snow tyres (or winter tyres) and/or snow chains (or socks). Finally, I shouldn’t even tell you this because we can’t guarantee availability when you reserve, but we also have four-wheel drive minibuses (4motion and 4Matic for the connoisseurs). If you’re lucky and if you ask your minibus hire branch team nicely, they might put one aside for you. ;)

A hired minibus on a snowy road

OK, let’s be honest: all this won’t make your tiny apartment any bigger or clear away the odour of raclette for the lucky one sleeping on the living room couch, but at least you’ll arrive fresh and ready to go when you get to the mountain, or back to work on the return trip. Happy holidays.