[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

Minibus hire for your photo-video sessions

A photographer, a dronist, a videographer, a camera, a tripod, a model or two, and all of this has to fit into one vehicle? No problem, minibus hire is the perfect solution for a photo or video shoot, for a day or a weekend.

Minibus hire is indeed practical: all your crew (and their equipment!) will easily fit into one minivan, without sacrificing comfort. Minibus rental can even be adapted to your needs, depending on the volume of your equipment. For example, if your equipment takes up a lot of space and the number of passengers does not exceed six people, minibus hire with backline will be an excellent way to get everyone to your destination, thanks to a separate trunk adapted to this type of constraints.

Minibus hire, off-road alternative

In addition to this specific offer, 7-seater minibus hire or 9-seater minibus hire also offers great possibilities. Volkswagen Caravelle or Mercedes Vito minibus hire not only ensures great comfort, but the modularity of these minivans also allows you to make room for more equipment if needed. Folding down some seats will allow you to carry a large volume of equipment if needed. Finally, renting a minibus will allow you to reduce parking costs in urban areas by grouping you in a single vehicle, this one keeping a reasonable size able to fit everywhere. Renting a Mercedes V-Class minibus will even give you access to many underground parking lots thanks to its height of less than 1.90 m.