Minibus, people carrier, minivan : which vehicles to hire?

Are you looking for the best way to travel for your next trip, but can't decide between a minivan, a people carrier or a minibus hire ? Find out which vehicle is best suited to your needs with WeVan!

The advantages of a people carrier rental : a compact, family-friendly vehicle

The people carrier is a multi purpose vehicle that seduces a lot of people thanks to its comfort and compact size. This family car can carry 5 to 7 people. For added comfort, some of our multi purpose vehicles models are even equipped with a 3rd row of "real" seats. So there's no need to decide who's going to travel in the trunk !
But be careful not to take too much stuff ! A people carrier can carry a maximum of 2 or 3 suitcases. This is why a people carrier hire is ideal for small groups. As well as being comfortable, people carriers are also easy to get around in. You'll have no problem parking in town or driving on small country roads. The hardest part, however, is delivering it back to us once your trip is over!

WeVan tip: If you want to take your entire wardrobe with you, a people carrier rental may not be the best solution. We recommend a minibus or a minivan rental instead. Thanks to their large capacity, our minibuses and minivans allow you to take up to 9 items of luggage with you!

The advantages of minibus hire : a spacious, cost-effective solution

Minivan and minibus both refer to the same type of vehicle. Popular among large families and groups of friends, a minibus or a minivan hire is just as suitable for business trips as it is for leisure. Comfortable and spacious, the minibus has the advantage of being able to carry up to 9 passengers in its cabin. And don't worry about your belongings : the trunk is so large that it can carry up to 6-8 items of luggage. No need to book several cars or train tickets for everyone. Simply hire a minibus! As well as being economical, minibus rental is also very practical. Do you want to change your itinerary at the last minute ? Are you curious and always ready to explore surrounding areas ? With a minibus, anything's possible ! Take as many breaks and detours as you like : the minibus is the ideal vehicle for freedom of movement !

WeVan tip: Explore our fleet of minivans or minibusses and choose the minibus hire that suits both your needs and your desires : Volkswagen minibus, Mercedes minibus...

Choose the right vehicle for your needs with WeVan!  Whether you choose to rent a minibus, a people carrier or a minivan, our fleet will ensure you travel in total comfort.