How to travel with a large family : the benefits of hiring a minibus for a weekend break

Organizing a family trip isn't always easy, especially when you're part of a big family. But there is one solution : minibus hire ! It's fun, practical and reliable ! Discover all the benefits of this vehicle for a perfect weekend away with your family.

Benefit 1 : Enjoy greater comfort with a minibus hire

The first advantage of renting a minibus for a family is the comfort offered on board. The spacious cabin and adjustable seats give you and your children all the space you need. The large trunk allows you to take along all your belongings with ease : your luggage, your children's luggage, the stroller and why not the picnic equipment too ? No need to place the cooler under your feet! 

Are you part of a big family ? Choose a 9 seat minibus hire ! Larger and comfortable, this spacious vehicle will enable you to take your whole tribe with you !

WeVan tip: our fleet includes premium 9 seat minibuses. Why not hire a Mercedes Class V minibus for example ? Its main advantage is that it offers the possibility to turn the seats into lounge mode : it is the ideal choice for enjoying a board game while traveling !

Benefit 2: Less stress and more fun with a minibus hire service

The second benefit of choosing a minibus hire for family travel is that the organization becomes less stressful for you. Instead of reserving 2 cars for a single weekend, you can simply hire a minibus ! Likewise, it's much easier to take a break or change drivers when you're all in the same vehicle ! And there's no need to worry if you choose to hire a 9 seat minibus. With this type of vehicle, you won't need a specific driving license, just a "B" license.

WeVan tip : comfort is our priority with our easy-to-handle minibuses for hire. Some of our 9 seat vehicles are available with an automatic gearbox, very practical for families looking for an easy and reliable transport solution. Find out  all our minibuses equipped with automatic gearboxes !

Benefit 3: Minibus hire, an affordable mode of transport

Last but not least, hiring a minibus is much more economical than hiring 2 vehicles or buying train tickets for the whole family. The bigger the family, the more savings you make :

Less money spent on travel also means more budget for your activities! 

And of course, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending more time together while traveling. Choose the vehicle that suits the size of your family within our fleet : whether you are looking for a 7 seat van, a 8 seat van or a 9 seat minibus hire… we have everything you need!