Minibus hire for a bachelorette/ bachelor party

Although some memories may be hazy, people often remember their weddings as much as their bachelorette or bachelor parties. Whether you want to spend a weekend with friends in Barcelona or a day (or night?) trip to Paris, renting a Volkswagen minibus has many advantages.

Minibus hire, a friendly solution

A bachelorette or stag party is above all a convivial moment, where sharing is essential. Wherever you go, it would be unthinkable not to drive together! Renting a 7, 8 or 9 seat minivan will allow you to make your trip a convivial and unforgettable moment. The minivan hire will also be a good way to keep your group together, in case some guests would have decided to launch the festivities before the first turns of the wheels.

Minivan hire for more security

Let's face it, a bachelorette or bachelor party is usually a festive event, where the most incongruous drinks tend to flow freely (thanks to gentian lovers for not using their distillate as fuel in case of breakdown). It is even traditional for the bride and groom to have a bit of a hairache the next day. Renting a minibus will allow you, coupled with the appointment (or hiring) of a dedicated driver who does not drink, to take the road without any risk related to these treacherous substances. A successful party is also a party without incident, which makes minibus rental a perfect alternative to celebrate with a free and light spirit.