80 € de réduction avec le code MINISUN24 Code valable jusqu'au 15/07, pour toute location de minibus supérieure à 600 € en 2024

💎 80 € de réduc avec le code MINISUN24 valable jusqu'au 15/07, pour toute location de minibus > à 600 € en 2024

[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

Leisure trip : why opt for a minibus hire ?

Are you planning a trip soon with your friends or family ? Can’t make up your mind between a car, a minibus or the train? What if we told you that a minibus hire could be the ideal vehicle for you ?

Minibus hire : comfortable group vacations

It's not always easy to enjoy a vacation when you are part of  a group. Organization can be stressful and comfort might not always be a priority. That's why you should hire a 9 seat minibus ! When you choose a WeVan minibus hire for your group vacation, you know you will have a peaceful and comfortable journey. Ideal for accommodating a large number of passengers (and luggage!), a 9 seat minibus hire offers a more comfortable and convivial travel experience than you'll find in a car or train. You can do everything together : listen to music, chat, enjoy the scenery... These moments of sharing and happiness with your loved ones will certainly make you forget the traffic jams on the road !

WeVan tip: Add another dimension to your group trip by opting for our premium vehicles ! Why hesitate ? Rent a Mercedes Vito or a Class V minibus : you'll surely benefit from a host of options and enjoy the nice design !

Total flexibility : travel more freely as a group by renting a minibus

Renting a minibus means you don't have to follow public transport timetables or take extra time to make sure you don't miss your train... hit the road whenever you like ! Plus, it's a great way to get off the beaten track and visit the region at your own pace ! Once you've arrived at your vacation destination, hiring a minibus enables you to decide which places you'd like to visit, without being limited by the places served by public transport.

WeVan tip: Our minibus hire agencies are located all over France ! Feel free to  choose your vacation itinerary without any constraints !

Minibus hire : the economical solution for group vacations

Vacations come at a price. When you have to pay for the accommodation, the activities, the transport and the food, your expenses add up and sometimes, you end up spending much more than what you thought. That's why hiring a minibus makes sense once again ! If you hire a minibus, you'll spend less money on transport : indeed, you will be able to share rental fees as well as fuel costs and enjoy your vacation even more ! No need to rent several cars or book train tickets 6 months in advance, just rent a 9 seat minibus ! 

WeVan tip: If you don't want to choose between budget and comfort, opt for a Mercedes Vito Luxe minibus hire ! Slightly less upmarket than the Mercedes Class V, it will nevertheless allow you to transport up to 9 people, with the guaranteed expertise of the German brand.

Don't hesitate to choose the minibus as your means of transport for your next group trip ! Our fleet of vehicles includes 7 seat, 8 seat and 9 seat minibus, with or without automatic gearbox : you’re bound to find something that fits your need and your budget with WeVan.