Volkswagen Caddy Maxi M.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi M.

Minibus 7 seats Manual | IWMR

7 M 7 2

Hire a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi to travel in a true seven-passenger people carrier. The Caddy is a family-style minivan with a rare quality: an intermediate size that makes it easy to drive in the city and on the motorway.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi M. hire in detail

7 Manual Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt)2Similicuir 2.0 TDI 102PS AC 7 Diesel 4870*1830*1794 L*l*h (mm)

WeVan features

Hiring a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is the perfect solution, the ideal combination of go-anywhere size and interior volume. It's a true people carrier with seven spacious seats and a real boot for all your luggage. You won't have a nasty surprise when you open the boot to find the two additional seats!

More agile than a nine-passenger minibus, this seven-passenger touring vehicle can go practically everywhere. The careful detailing creates a cosy atmosphere for those who enjoy travelling together as a large family or with friends. The space in this large estate-style car is generous and adjustable: seats can be folded individually and are easily removable for transporting any large objects.
The well-designed VW Caddy Maxi's size offers a win-win situation: easy driving in the city centre thanks to its surprising agility and excellent liveable space and comfort on the motorway thanks to its spacious interior volume. The seven-passenger Caddy uses less fuel, which adds up to real savings during long trips. It's a key feature that can't be overlooked when you realise that this little minibus – or big people carrier, depending on how you look at it – is definitely a vehicle for the open road!

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