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Discover our offers of the latest availability of van rental specially selected by our agencies. They allow you to have precise visibility on the last availability of a camper van between two rentals. To seize!

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We don't have "last availability" offers because we are out of season... and have availability!

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Not so easy sometimes to meet the offer and demand of van rental by algorithm interposed! Especially in high season when it is common for our search engine ("the reel") to bring out your preferred model of converted van as unavailable ... whereas sometimes, who knows, the "marriage" could have taken place a few hours or days away?! Well, obviously everyone has to put a little water in their wine and it has to work have a little flexibility. On this page you will find a selection of camping van stays specially selected "by hand" by our agencies, to help you find van laid out at your feet! You can facilitate your search for van rental by filtering offers by departure date, van rental agency and finally campervan model. The proposed dates for a converted van rental offer are often the widest possible between two other bookings, so you probably won't be able to extend the offer period. However, you can restrict it if necessary by making a new query in our search engine.
Oh, what a chance, a search engine right there!