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Location van Aix-Marseille

Explore the most beautiful locations in southern France and Italy in a rental campervan and enjoy its sunny weather for…


Location van Bâle-Mulhouse

Pick your road-trip to Alsace, Bavaria or Switzerland and rent your campervan at one of our rental location…


Location van Biarritz

Hire a converted van from WeVan Biarritz to explore the incredible diversity of the Basque Country...


Location van Bordeaux

Take a road trip in a campervan through Landes and Basque Country, play your favourite outdoor sports and explore…


Location van Caen

Travel along Normandy's Manche coast, wander through the Normandy countryside and sample the…


Location van Chambéry

Embark on an adventure in the Alps in a mini camper, then continue on towards Switzerland and Italy where you can enjoy your favourite…


Location van Lille

Discover the freedom of travelling in a high-end campervan to Baie de Somme, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and…


Location van Lyon

Hire a campervan for your road trip to the Alps, Jura, Massif Central, Switzerland and…


Location van Montpellier

Hire a campervan and wander through the vineyards in Languedoc, the gorges in Hérault, Cévennes, Camargue and the beaches…


Location van Nantes

Live your campervan adventure in the Loire Valley or southern Brittany when you depart from Nantes to enjoy your…


Location van Paris

Get a change of scenery in your campervan for a weekend or more in Normandy, Burgundy or the Loire Valley and visit the…


Location van Perpignan

Hire a campervan and explore a new way of travelling through this region that's just across the border from Catalonia, between…


Location van Rennes

Live the campervan life of freedom and adventure from the Emerald Coast to Abers, with stops in…


Location van Toulouse

Choose your favourite campervan from our range before heading out on your next road trip in the Pyrénées or to Spain where you can…


Location van Tours

Reserve a campervan for your next adventures on the Atlantic Coast or in the Massif Central or Loire Valley…

Rent a Campervan in France with WeVan

WeVan offers campervan rental throughout France for trips within the country or throughout Europe. At every location within the WeVan network, you'll find the same fleet of vehicles, accessories, service and knowledge – all the things that make us the leading van rental company in France. Check out our fleet of rental campervans at one of more than a dozen agencies run by dedicated professionals who love their region. We would be pleased to welcome you anytime to share what we know about the best itineraries, maps and local nightspots, and advise you on the best campervan to rent for your adventure. All our recreational vehicles were chosen for their amenities, reliability, comfort and liveability. They are the latest rental campers – new vehicles less than 12 months old that are the leading models in the vanlife world, such as the Volkswagen California or Mercedes Marco Polo.

Travelling in a campervan turns you into a wanderer. You can drift about depending on your mood or the amount of time available, camping in basecamps in your little home on wheels. Just like a boat, a campervan has condensed liveable spaces that put you as close as possible to the things you love most, giving you true freedom.

What will you do with it? Head towards the mountains to climb your way to the tops of the Alps, Pyrénées, Massif Central, Vosges or Jura? Hunt for some mushrooms in the Fontainebleau or Brocéliande forests? Escape to Brittany, the Atlantic coast or Basque Country in search of the perfect wave? Even if you don't find one, you can still set up camp and watch great egrets migrate at Baie de Somme or lounge in a Mediterranean cove. Your days can always end around a good steaming ragout you've cooked in your camper before you give up the fight and fall asleep cradled by sounds from the nature around you.

In our discreet, easily manoeuvrable campervans, all you'll have to do is enjoy the road's uncertainties and make unexpected new friends all along the routes that crisscross France and Europe.

Destination inspiration

Explore our selection of road trips within France and all over Europe. There are plenty of idyllic campervan adventure ideas specially dreamed up for you by WeVan!