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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Before the hire period

Who can drive the rental campervan?

Drivers must be registered on the campervan rental contract and have held a valid driving licence for at least 24 months. Accepted licences include driving licences issued by European Union member countries (including a category B French driving licence), foreign licences recognised by the French authorities, written in French or accompanied by a translation, or an international licence.

The person who signs the contract is considered the campervan’s main driver by default. Other people can drive the van if they purchase the Additional Driver option.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Of course! If you change your mind or have to make changes because of an event of force majeure, you can always cancel or change your campervan hire reservation, depending on availability. Please review the General Rental Terms for details on how to make changes, which will vary depending on your options and the notice required for changes/cancellations.

What do I need to bring with me when I come to get my campervan from the WeVan agency?

In addition to your luggage, you’ll need to bring:

your driving licence and those of any additional drivers

a payment method to settle your outstanding rental balance (cash, cheque or credit card)

a credit card to provide a security deposit (pre-authorised hold not charged to your account)

A WeVan team member will help you through these steps and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Am I insured while renting my campervan?

Yes, always. When you rent a campervan from WeVan, you are covered by:

included liability insurance coverage for bodily injury and equipment damage caused to third parties

multi-risk insurance coverage for damage caused to the campervan you have rented

However, in case of damage, you remain financially liable up to the amount of your excess. This depends on the Protection Pack taken out at the time of your reservation. Please refer to the General Rental Terms of the campervan for more information.

What is covered by the deposit made when I sign the rental contract with WeVan?

Your deposit amount is equal to your excess.

The deposit covers any damage to the campervan, insufficient fuel, additional mileage, unpaid fines, booking fees, etc.

If no additional fees are due, the deposit will be cancelled/destroyed or returned to you.

Le montant de votre caution correspond à celui de votre franchise.

La caution couvre, le cas échéant, les dégâts causés au campervan, les défauts de carburant, les kilomètres supplémentaires, les amendes non réglées, les frais de dossiers, etc.

En absence de frais supplémentaires à facturer, la caution est annulée / détruite ou vous est restituée.

Where can I drive in my WeVan rental campervan?

You can drive your rental campervan in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia*, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro*, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania*, San Marino, Serbia*, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. (*Countries that are not members of the Schengen Area and/or the European Union. These countries are subject to special driving conditions. You must ask the WeVan team before planning to go there).

During the hire period

What fee category applies to the campervans at tolls?

Most of our campervans are less than 2 m high, so they come under the standard fee category in France, i.e., the private vehicle category. Check the description of your campervan on our website to confirm its height.

Can I get into car parks in my campervan?

Be careful! Most underground car parks have height restrictions. Most of our campervans can enter car parks with 2-metre limits. For lower limits, it’s very important to inquire about the campervan’s size. (You can find all the detailed information you need on the vehicle sheets on our website).

Can I smoke in the campervans?

No, you are not permitted to smoke in our rental campervans, simply because they are shared with other customers, some of whom are non-smokers, especially children. Plus, taking time to stop for a smoke is always a nice way to get a break from the road. If we smell cigarette smoke when you return the vehicle, we will charge you cleaning fees. Don’t risk it – smoke smells are always difficult to remove.

Can I change the return day or time?

Of course! But you will need to contact your WeVan agency at least 48 hours in advance. We reserve the right to refuse an extension, particularly for campervan availability reasons. In this case, the renter will be obligated to return the campervan on the date initially agreed upon.

Can I return the campervan outside the WeVan agency’s opening hours?

Depending on the agency, it may be possible to return the campervan outside opening hours with our prior express approval. You must get in touch with your agency for all the necessary explanations. Note that the campervan will be entirely your responsibility until we take possession of it the next time the rental agency opens after you have returned it.

Can I return the campervan to another WeVan agency?

No, it is not possible to return the campervan to another WeVan agency. You must return the campervan to the agency you rented it from.

What do I need to know about returning the campervan?

The campervan hire ends when you return the vehicle, keys, rental accessories and any original papers to a WeVan employee at the WeVan agency you rented it from. We recommend you fill up on fuel and clean the campervan before returning it to avoid additional fee deductions from your deposit.

How clean does the campervan need to be when I return it?

If you have not purchased the Cleaning Package option, the campervan must be as clean inside and outside when you return it as it was when you picked it up, meaning the vehicle could be rented out again without any cleaning on our part.

If you have purchased the Cleaning Package option, you can return the campervan in a reasonably dirty state. If it is excessively dirty (for example, stains on the seats, excessive interior dirt, visible marks on covers and plastic, etc.), we may charge you extra fees. In addition, for campervans, the kitchen area (dishes, refrigerator, gas cooker, work surfaces and table) must be reasonably clean. We’ll take care of the outside and the finishing touches inside.

If you run into trouble !

What happens if the campervan breaks down?

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re safe and indicate that the campervan has broken down using the signage kit in the vehicle.

You should then contact our 24/7 assistance service and let them take over. Their number is listed on your rental contract. You should also inform your WeVan agency within 48 hours.

While we do make sure the campervan is in good working order when we rent it to you, the renter is responsible for taking care of the tyre air pressure and fluid levels during the rental period.

Depending on what caused the breakdown and what protection level you purchased with your rental, you may be charged assistance fees.

Le premier réflexe est de vous mettre en sécurité et de signaler le van aménagé en panne grâce au kit de signalisation présent à bord.

Vous devez ensuite contacter notre service d'assistance 24/7, dont le numéro est indiqué sur votre contrat de location du van aménagé, et vous laisser prendre en charge. Vous devez également informer votre agence WeVan sous 48h.

Même si nous nous engageons à vous louer un van aménagé en bon état de fonctionnement, son entretien courant lors de la location telle que le contrôle des pneumatiques ou des niveaux des liquides est de la responsabilité du locataire.

Selon le type de panne et le niveau de protection souscrit à la location, des frais d'assistance pourront vous être facturés.

What happens if I have an accident during the campervan hire period?

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re safe and, if possible, indicate that the campervan has been involved in an accident using the signage kit in the vehicle.

You must complete a European Accident Statement and send it to your WeVan rental agency within three working days. You must submit this statement, even if the campervan was not damaged. Do not acknowledge responsibility; simply record the contact information of all parties involved, including witnesses. You should then contact the 24/7 assistance service if the vehicle is inoperable, the police if there are injuries, and your WeVan agency.

What happens if the campervan is vandalised or stolen?

You should report the theft to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible (and within no more than 48 hours) after becoming aware of the incident and hand over the incident report, papers and campervan keys to your WeVan agency. More details are available in the General Rental Terms of the campervan.

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