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NaïtUp Quatrö

NaïtUp Quatrö

4 person Roof Top Tent Hire


Rent a NaïtUp Quatrö roof tent and head out on a trip with your own car with your family. It sleeps up to 2 adults and 2 kids for a road trip with comfortable nights at an affordable price.

Rental Roof Tent NaïtUp Quatrö

Length : 220 cm Width : 170 cm Height: 144 cm

Roof Tent equipment and features

  • Closed length: 215 cm
  • Width when closed: 125 cm
  • Height when closed: 28 cm
  • Capacity: 2 adults and 2 children
  • Opening time: 30 seconds
  • Manufacturing: French

NaïtUp Quatrö details

Roof tent hire is an alternative solution somewhere between a standard tent (you know, the one you carry on your back and set up on the ground, usually on wet grass with sharp hidden stones) and campervan hire. Hiring a roof tent for 4 people is especially nice because it’s a great idea AND it makes use of the best quality roof tents on the market. The company was created in 2010 by two friends with a passion for the outdoors... just like WeVan!

When you rent a rigid roof tent, you can head out in your own car, 4x4 or van (to save on rental mileage). Nomadic vacations and adventurous road trips are all yours, with the added benefit of a comfortable place to spend the night in any weather. NaïtUp car roof tents are the result of many years of engineering by the French brand (they’re designed and made in Gard). They’re so easy to use: just 30 seconds and your cocoon is unfolded (or folded), your bed with an extra durable mattress is ready and you can enjoy the view.

Once it’s open, the NaïtUp Quatrö car roof tent hire’s large size is perfect for a family (with 2 adults and 2 kids) or with friends (3 adults) so you can enjoy exploring isolated routes together. The sleeping area unfolds to the side of your vehicle and lets you sit or kneel and move around without any issues. We’re sure the kids won’t want to leave their elevated nest. Obviously, if several can enjoy the space, fewer can too, so you’ll be very comfortable alone or as a couple without having to carry a behemoth on your roof: the NaïtUp tent for 4x4 or car roofs is super compact once closed. As a plus, the NaïtUp Quatrö car tent has carefully designed aerodynamics that really help reduce fuel consumption. 

When you leave and return with your 4-person roof tent hire at WeVan, we install and uninstall the roof tent on your 4x4 or car (even on compact cars). IMPORTANT NOTE: you must have standard transverse (side-to-side) roof racks approved to carry 75 kg or more installed on your vehicle beforehand.

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