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Our minibus hire branch in La Rochelle


16 Bis, rue le Corbusier
ZAC de Belle Aire
17440 Aytré
Getting there
+33 5 16 59 01 83

Branch opening hours

(may differ from online reservation times)

Branch opening hours

(may differ from online reservation times)

Monday : 09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

Tuesday - 09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

Friday : 09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

Saturday : by appointment

Sunday and public holiday : closed

Useful information about your branch

Services Our Agency Offers

  • Parking gratuit de votre véhicule personnel pendant la location
  • Pick-up gratuit "tout arrêt à moins d'1 km de l'agence" (sur demande et selon disponibilités)
  • Pick-up à l’aéroport La Rochelle-Île de Ré et à la Gare SNCF La Rochelle Ville (sur devis et selon disponibilités)  
  • Livraison et reprise du véhicule hors agence (sur devis et selon disponibilités)
  • « Retour tardif » envisageable en dehors des heures d’ouverture et le dimanche (sur demande et selon disponibilités)
  • Location d’accessoires : porte-vélos, pack literie, siège-auto… 

Getting to Your Agency

46°08'00.2"N 1°05'24.0"W
16 Bis, Rue Le Corbusier, 17440 Aytré


En transport en commun :

  • Depuis le Centre-Ville (Place Verdun) :

Bus, ligne 1B, direction ZA Aytré, arrêt Belle Aire, à 500 mètres de l’agence.


  • Depuis la Gare SNCF :

Bus, ligne 1B, direction ZA Aytré, arrêt Belle Aire, à 500 mètres de l’agence.
Taxi : station en face de la Gare SNCF, Avenue du Général De Gaulle, en direction du Vieux Port.


  • Depuis l'Aéroport La Rochelle-Ile de Ré :

Bus ligne 1B, direction ZA Aytré, arrêt Belle Aire, à 500 mètres de l’agence.
Taxi: station à la sortie du Hall d’arrivée.


En véhicule personnel :

L'agence se situe dans la ZA de Belle Aire au Sud de La Rochelle.

En arrivant par le Nord (Nantes, Niort, La Roche sur Yon, Paris) :
Prendre la N11 vers La Rochelle, puis la N137 Vieux Port, ensuite Prendre la D137 Aytré, sortir à Aytré ZA de Belle Aire, au rond point prendre la 3ème sortie ZA de Belle Aire, au rond point suivant de nouveau la 3ème sortie, puis à droite Rue Le Corbusier.

En Arrivant par le Sud (Bordeaux, Royan, Saintes, Angoulême) :
Prendre D137 direction La Rochelle, puis la D939 sortie Aytré ZA de Belle Aire, au rond point prendre la 3ème sortie ZA de Belle Aire, puis au rond point suivant la 3ème sortie à nouveau et prendre à droite la Rue Le Corbusier.

Useful addresses

Pour le carburant :

  • Station Total, rue Galilée Route De Surgeres - Zac De Belle Aire, 17440 Aytré


Pour le lavage :

  • Station de lavage, 2 rue Léonard de Vinci - ZA de Belle AIre, 17440 Aytré

Our fleet of campervans rental in La Rochelle

Big Van Up

Big Van Up

Fourgon Aménagé 4 places Manuel Hire

4 4 M 4

See full details
Ford Nugget

Ford Nugget

Auto / Manu 5 seat Campervan Hire

5 4 A/M 4

See full details
Renault Hanroad Trek 5

Renault Hanroad Trek 5

Auto / Manu 5 seat Campervan Hire

5 4/5 A/M 4/5

See full details
Volkswagen California Auto

Volkswagen California Auto

Automatic 4 seat Campervan Hire

4 4 A 4

See full details

Hire a campervan in La Rochelle

Did you know? The phrase “set sail” literally means to raise a ship’s sails. And there’s no better place than our campervan hire agency in La Rochelle to set sail and head out on the open seas… or rather, on the open road! Hiring a campervan offers numerous adventures with local flavour. There’s no doubt that you’ll get to feel new feelings, meet new people, and just let yourself go. Renting a campervan in La Rochelle is the first step in an unforgettable adventure, whether it takes you out on the high seas or elsewhere. 

With your campervan hire agency in La Rochelle, you have immediate access to an entire region and a new kind of adventure. Indeed, hiring a motorhome in the Charente-Maritime region allows you to travel all along France’s Atlantic coast, going wherever you please and enjoying an invigorating natural setting. What could be better than renting a campervan in La Rochelle to explore, for example, the Marais Poitevin regional nature reserve, or to go island hopping between the emblematic Île de Ré and Île d’Oléron? Hiring a campervan in the Charente-Maritime region has never been easier and will help you discover, or rediscover, this region from a unique point of view.

But hiring a campervan in La Rochelle doesn’t mean you have to stay in the Charente-Maritime region, incredible though it may be! The converted van rental agency in La Rochelle is an excellent starting point for exploring all of France’s Atlantic coast, from Brittany (and the bay of Mont Saint-Michel—why not?) to the Bay of Biscay. Hiring a Volkswagen California van in La Rochelle can also take you from the Gulf of Morbihan to the Bordeaux countryside, from the Quiberon peninsula to the Pyrenees foothills—and let’s not forget the beaches of the Vendée, Landes, and Basque Country regions.

Do you have bigger dreams than even that? Hiring a campervan in the Charente-Maritime region, departing from La Rochelle, is also a great way to visit all of southern, northern, and eastern Europe. In just a few hours of driving, you can quickly reach the Iberian Peninsula. On a long-haul campervan road trip, you can easily visit Italy, Austria, or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, Scandinavia.

And don’t worry: a long-term campervan rental is no problem. Our campervans for hire are perfectly equipped for long adventures on the road. Comfortable both while on the move and stopped for camping, our Volkswagen California campervans and Hanroad Trek 5 vans and their equipment will take you from point A to point B while also offering shelter for the duration of your odyssey from La Rochelle to the destination of your dreams. If you wish, you can add all sorts of accessories at your campervan hire agency in Charente-Maritime.

Our team of professionals at the WeVan La Rochelle campervan rental agency will be happy to help you plan your next van road trip.

My sister and I appreciated the 4-seater Volkswagen California campervan we rented in Biarritz which allowed us to enjoy the beautiful hikes in the South-West without the constraints of finding hotels or restaurants. We also liked the freedom of being able to park easily in natural sites far from the crowd. I loved the van's facilities for cooking and picnics overlooking the sea. Jean-Luc from the agency enlightened us and cleared up any doubts, a huge thank you!

Mylène Marchand

Campervan hire for a trip to Biarritz

We travelled in the Big van 4 pax campervan: easy to drive and to park while being very comfortable! This 4 berth campervan is really great!

Loïc Deslanne

Campervan rental for a road trip with friends

Destination inspiration

Discover our selection of roadtrips to the edges of France or Europe: full of ideas of beautiful adventures in a campervan especially compiled for you by WeVan!

Charente Maritime by campervan
Charente Maritime by campervan