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Ford Nugget

Ford Nugget

Auto / Manu 5 seat Campervan Hire

5 4 A/M 4

Hiring a Ford Nugget van, converted to a camper by Westfalia since the 90’s, comes with the advantage of a unique layout that makes it a renowned model: a kitchen in the back for a campervan with 5 legally registered seats!

Ford Nugget Campervan hire

5 Automatic / Manual Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt) 4 2.0 TDI 130/185 PS AC 4 Diesel 4973*2080*2070 L*l*h (mm)

Standard equipment

  • Lift-up Roof: yes, manual
  • Upper/lower beds (cm): 130*191 / 138*200
  • Stationary Heating: yes, diesel
  • Refrigerator: yes 40L, with compressor
  • Gas hob: yes, 2 burners
  • Built-in water: yes, electric pump
  • Clean/grey water tanks (L): 42 / 42
  • Interior shower: no
  • Exterior Shower: yes
  • WC: no, optional dry toilet
  • Exterior awning: yes
  • Exterior lounge: yes
  • Interior table: yes
  • Ext. 230V connection: yes
  • 12V <> 230V converter: no
  • Auxiliary batteries: yes 2 AGM x 95 Ah

campervan's Habitability & Layout

The opportunity to hire a Ford Nugget campervan has finally arrived in France after years of great success elsewhere in Europe. The van and its lift-up roof are outfitted by Westfalia, a company known for its camper expertise for more than 70 years. The Nugget campervan is based on Europe’s best-selling utility vehicle in its class: the Ford Transit Custom. So, this campervan has a lot going for it! 

Just like when you hire a Hanroad Trek5 campervan, renting this 5 berth campervan, that sleeps 4 adults (or 2 adults and 3 children) is a special opportunity to travel in a small five-person campervan with an actual kitchen!
While typically, in most campervan configurations, the kitchen is situated facing the side door, the separate kitchen in the back of the Ford Nugget campervan makes a real difference. With this one-of-a-kind layout, Ford has successfully gone outside of the conventions of camper layouts, offering travellers the ability to cook standing up, even when the upper bed is occupied (unlike when you hire a Volkswagen California campervan or hire the Hanroad Trek, for example). So, hiring a Ford Nugget campervan allows you to access the kitchen however you want depending on the weather or how you’re feeling: you can access it from the interior living space via a small corridor, or from the exterior via the boot. In terms of the equipment included in the spacious kitchen of the Transit Custom Nugget van, you’ll find all of the must-haves: a 40-litre compressor fridge, a two-burner gas stove, a sink with a tap and two 42-litre tanks for fresh and waste water, as well as all of the counter space and storage you need to prepare some great meals! 

With your belly full from dinner and your legs tired from the day’s adventures, all you want is to lie down on your bed and fall asleep to the sounds of the forest… The lift-up roof of the Ford Transit Custom Nugget reveals a 200 x 138 cm lofted double bed that feels spacious and easily sleeps 2 adults or 3 children. If you fold up the base of the bed along the lift-up roof, you can expand the internal living space on the “forest level.” The lift-up roof system almost doubles the available volume inside. When lowered, it transforms your hired campervan for an easy adventure accessible to all thanks to its compact dimensions. This is what has made these recreational vehicles such a big success.
When you hire a Ford Nugget campervan, two people can very comfortably travel and live together: you can easily get double the function out of your vehicle since the rear bench seat quickly transforms into a second 190 x 130 cm double bed!
Renting a Ford Nugget campervan designed by Westfalia offers two fundamentals for life: eating well and sleeping well. What’s more, it combines driving performance with a comfortable living space, including many robust and smart features.
Just to name a few, there’s the swivelling front seats and the folding dining table (extendable across the entire length of the rear bench seat), the essential auxiliary heating (which is powered directly by the fuel tank), the external window shade (2.6 m), the mosquito net on the side door (a valuable and unusual feature), a small hidden safe in one of the many storage spaces, the small outside shower with ambient-temperature water, and 2 auxiliary batteries (in addition to the engine’s battery) with 12 v and 220 v sockets.

There’s only one small catch when you hire a Ford Nugget campervan: its total external height of 2.07 m can prevent it from accessing certain car parks (< 2 m) and, theoretically, push it up to class 2 for the toll rates paid on French motorways. But isn’t it the essence of vanlife to take your time and drive on the side roads?

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