Code magique : EARLY2024. Et pouf ! 80 € de réduc ! Code valable du 09/02 au 10/03, pour toute location de van aménagé supérieure à 600 € en 2024

💎 80 € de réduc avec le code EARLY2024 valable du 09/02 au 10/03, pour toute location de van > à 600 € en 2024

« The real journey is in what you see along the way. The end comes when you reach your destination and a lot of people begin with the end.
But not at WeVan. »

So, what is it that we're looking for between this grand departure and this destination?

Between the two, we're on a quest for adventure, be it large or small, peaceful or exhilarating, relaxing or sport-filled. Like the adventure that a child has while exploring the campsite's surroundings by bike, that a climber feels when surveying the rock face above, that a skier experiences off-piste… or that a longboarder, paraglider, windsurfer, fisher or mushroom hunter senses in whatever kind of adventure comes their way.

Travelling in a van is the best way to experience all of these adventures. WeVan makes adventure possible in everyday life and has been doing so for many years for anyone who likes to live, eat and sleep as close as possible to whatever they love doing, whether that's getting close to the foot of the cliff face, the waves, people, fish or girolle mushrooms. And for anyone who likes to up sticks and move on the following day. Or not. Everyone is the master of their own adventure.

Joseph & Augustin,
WeVan founders