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FAQ Benefits of Campervan Hire

Can I drive on all types of roads in a campervan?

During the WeVan campervan hire period, you can drive on all types of roads as long as they are passable and it is permitted under the Highway Code of the country concerned. Therefore, you cannot drive a campervan on roads that are not designed for traffic. You are responsible for the campervan during the hire period.

Where can I easily park my rental campervan?

As well as conventional parking spaces to park your campervan during the day, there are many options for parking up and spending the night in your campervan. The most accessible overnight car parks for recreational vehicles such as campervans can be found at campsites, in areas designated by the local council (which may or may not charge a fee) and even on private land with the prior agreement of the owners (there are websites that can put you in touch with them). If you opt for wild camping on public land, you must refer to the relevant legislation of the country you are visiting in your rental campervan. For example, in France, wild camping is permitted wherever it is not locally prohibited. To find out more about this before hiring your campervan, please refer to our short and practical guide to prepare for your campervan trip.

Are your rental campervans all terrain?

Some of our van and small campervan models are equipped with 4-wheel drive; however, under French law, for example, you are not permitted to drive on roads not designed for traffic. You are responsible for any damage to the campervan during the hire period, so we strongly recommend sticking to roads designed for traffic.

Do your rental campervans have storage space?

Hiring a campervan means you can live in a little house on wheels. The amount of space you will have to store your personal belongings depends on the model of the rental campervan, but they all have many storage areas (cupboards, chests, drawers, wardrobes, etc.). To find out more, please see the page on our website showing our fleet of rental campervans.


Do your campervans come with kitchen equipment?

During the campervan hire period, we provide you with all the kitchen equipment you need (plates, glasses, frying pan, saucepan, coffee maker, kettle, cutlery, corkscrew, peeler, tea towels, chopping board, table mats, etc.). So you can take full advantage of your campervan to prepare tasty dishes.

Do your rental campervans have toilets?

When you hire a campervan, you can choose between a 2 berth and a 4 berth, depending on your needs. In most cases, ‘small’ campervans with a lift-up roof do not have toilets, but we do offer optional dry toilets that are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and very convenient. Motorhomes like our Fiat Ducato, for example, have a bathroom area with toilets, shower and hot water! To find out more, please see the page on our website showing our fleet of rental campervans.

How many people does a campervan sleep?

It all depends on the model you choose when hiring a campervan. We offer models from 2 to 5 berths. Please note, however, that 5 berth campervans are limited to 2 adults and 3 small children because space is limited.

How is waste water managed during the campervan hire period?

The management of waste water during the campervan hire period (grey water collected by the kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower, and black water from the toilet) is an important point. Each campervan is equipped with a waste water collection tank, generally the same size as the clean water tank and often fitted with an emptying valve (if not, you will have to pull out the tank manually to empty it). In any case, you will have to empty the dirty water tanks in designated areas, of which there are many, marked by a special road sign and almost always free of charge. You can also make your campervan rental easier using applications such as Park4night, which list hundreds of these areas on their interactive maps.

Do your rental campervans have heating?

Hiring a campervan in winter can be a very different experience from hiring one in summer! On the coldest nights, having heating in the campervan is essential and will always be pleasant and comfortable for some nights that are a little cool, even in the middle of summer. The vast majority of our rental campervans are therefore equipped with auxiliary heating that runs on diesel (sometimes gas), with the engine off and all night if you like! When you hire a Renault Trafic campervan, for example, we will show you how this works!

Do your rental campervans have electricity?

Hiring a campervan gives you complete freedom and independence, including when it comes to electricity! When you hire a campervan, you will therefore set off equipped with one or more auxiliary batteries that charge while you drive (via solar panels on some models) and supply power to the campervan via 12 V sockets (USB and/or conventional sockets depending on the model). Finally, some campervans are also equipped with converters to convert the 12 V from the batteries to 220 V (low power, but allows you to charge most everyday electrical items as you do at home!). To find out more, please see the page on our website showing our fleet of rental campervans.

What equipment is provided with campervan hire?

During the campervan hire period, we provide you with all kitchen utensils, mattress protectors and fitted sheets, a brush and a solar shower. All this equipment is included in the campervan rental price. Of course, we also offer other equipment as optional extras if you want more comfort during your campervan hire (dry toilets, hand vacuum, etc.).

What will my rental campervan look like?

When you hire your campervan, you can choose between two main types of van: the ‘small’ campervan (often with a lift-up roof) and the ‘large’ motorhome (so tall that you can stand up without a lift-up roof). There is relatively little difference between the models in each of these types of campervan. Campervans generally have a back seat that can be converted into a double bed, a lift-up roof with a second double bed, a kitchenette (gas hobs, sink, refrigerator), an indoor and sometimes outdoor table, various storage areas and sometimes a small outside shower (cold water) at the back of the campervan. The main difference when you hire a ‘motorhome’ is an additional ‘bathroom’ with chemical toilets and shower (hot water). When you hire a campervan, it’s up to you to identify your needs (whether you prioritise comfort or mobility) to find the best one for you!

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