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[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

Volkswagen California Beach Camper

Volkswagen California Beach Camper

Auto/manu 5 seat Campervan Hire

5 4 A/M 4

Thanks to its streamlined interior, hiring a Volkswagen California Beach will enable you to travel with five people, a rare configuration that’s not often found in the campervan universe.

Rental Campervan Volkswagen California Beach Camper

5 Automatic / Manual Radio / Media (cd-aux-usb-bt) 4 2.0 TDI 150PS AC 4 Diesel 4904*1904*1990 L*l*h (mm)

Campervan equipment and features

  • Lift-up Roof: yes, manual
  • Upper/lower beds (cm): 150*200 / 120*200 
  • Stationary Heating: yes
  • Refrigerator: no, 20L 12V cooler
  • Gas hob: yes, retractable
  • Built-in water: no, removable can
  • Clean/grey water tanks (L): 10/-
  • Interior shower: no
  • Exterior Shower: no
  • WC: no, optional dry toilet
  • Exterior awning: yes
  • Exterior lounge: table + 4 built-in chairs
  • Interior table: yes
  • Ext. 230V connection: no
  • 12V <> 230V converter: yes
  • Auxiliary batteries: yes, 1

Volkswagen California Beach Camper details

With its T6 California Beach Volkswagen is one of the only manufacturers to offer a campervan that can accommodate five people on-board.
Similar to its big brothers, the California Coast and Ocean, the California Beach offers nearly all the key features needed in a recreational vehicle: two double beds, including one under the pop-up roof; swivelling front seats, etc. But, you may be wondering where the fifth seat fits in. Well, it’s true that there’s no such thing as a perfect world. To add the third seat in its rear bench in the lounge area, Volkswagen decided to remove the kitchen area and the surrounding cabinets. Just like the Caddy Minicamper, the California Beach plays with space and scale – a luxury for the compact layout that campervans offer.

When you hire the Volkswagen California Beach, you'll still be able to cook hot meals thanks to an ingenious retractable gas hob hidden in the cabin trim.

While cooking with products from the innumerable exceptional regions you’ll travel through during your road trip across France or Europe may become a true “religion”, your campervan’s most sought-after feature will likely be the bed. The California Beach is well-equipped in this area, featuring a lower 150 x 200cm double bed that’s a true luxury for this type of van layout. It can accommodate three young children, for example. As with other Volkswagen California versions, the second 120 x 200cm double bed with a slatted wood base is “upstairs”. It appears when the manual pop-up roof is opened.

To up the cosy factor, just close the built-in blinds to darken the space. And, never fear…anyone who is afraid of the dark will enjoy the built-in lights by each of the beds and the nearby 12V sockets powered by the campervan’s auxiliary batteries. Those who are afraid of the dark AND the cold will be doubly reassured: the separate auxiliary heater circulates warm air in the cabin (with the motor off), ensuring that the Volkswagen California Beach will become their favourite cocoon.
The high-end configuration and features (indoor and outdoor tables, chairs, energy independence) also make this rental campervan the ideal vehicle for professionals whose work keeps them on the road, like photographers, athletes and anyone who needs a mobile office that is always close to the action.

To help you prepare for your trip in your rental Volkswagen California Beach, we encourage you to read through our Preparing for Your Campervan Trip guide, which features additional information on We-Van equipment, accessories and services, as well as tips and a list of other reference materials.

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"If I had to resume our vacation in this 5 berth campervan in 1 word, I would say: freedom! We were able to visit Belgium and the Netherlands in a Volkswagen California van in complete autonomy and it was a great experience. I recommend it to all those who need to go on an adventure. Thanks to Theo for his welcome and his help!! "

Luca Oudart

Campervan hire for a Belgium trip

We chose to rent a Volkswagen California Beach van for a discover week! From the van rental, to the availability of your team, everything was great! We recommend with our eyes closes.

Heloise Gerbier

Van rental for a France road trip

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