Rent a camper van Esquisse

Esquisse By We-Van

A hefty number of kilometres driven and a hammock load of nights spent on the road have inspired us to imagine, design  and create a simple and efficient camper van that doesn't marginalise comfort.

We chose to fall back on the renowned mechanical reliability of the famed Transporter T5 Volkswagen to plan the furnishings of our Esquisse. Wooden and linen, it is inspired by the holidaymaker's sailing boat and it strives to boast an uncluttered, functional interior, ideal for two people. The ergonomic arrangements are well thought through in order to optimise the space available. This land-loving nomad is all too aware of its origins and takes after the furnished vehicles before it, right down to the swivelling front seats.

These fully equipped, modern vehicles are yours to rent. They're economical and ultra-compact to help you escape the urban haze and swap it for the higgledy-piggledy roads, in the mountains, by the coast, wherever you go.

"less is more" ...

We-Van, off the road.

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