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Fishing trip in Lozère with a hire van

Try out fishing with a hire van in the “Pays des Sources” – the Land of Sources – in the south of France. Located between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean, the department of Lozère (formerly the province of Gévaudan) is divided into four geographic regions: Cévennes, Grands Causses, Aubrac and Margeride. This mountainous region, protected by a national park and a regional park, spreads over three watersheds: the Garonne, Rhône and Loire. Here, it takes just 30 to 45 minutes in a campervanto change climates. And you can almost always find an area for fishing, no matter the weather. Within these splendid landscapes, there are more than 2,800 km of waterways, all category 1, along with 25 no-kill areas for fishers and nature lovers to explore.

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Fish in Lozère

This is the kingdom of the brown trout. It can be found in practically every waterway in the department. Depending on the sector you visit during your fishing trip, you’ll find different Atlantic and Mediterranean species. The grayling, another salmonid, is also naturally present in the Allier and Chapeauroux rivers. The density of salmonid populations makes this area an ideal playground for recreational fishers. They come in various sizes, from the numerous small mountain trouts to the big specimens found deep in the limestone valleys. And in addition to its fish, another asset that makes Lozère a great fly fishing destination is the many aquatic insects and the feeding frenzies they cause throughout the season. Lozère has another great itinerary for your fishing trip in a hire van: there are several small lakes and three large reservoirs where you can use streamers to catch perch and pike, and sometimes even river trout, from shore, an inner tube or a boat.

A fario trout in the fisherman's hands

The Compagnie des Guides de Pêche de Lozère

The company’s guides offer their services to help you explore Lozère’s fantastic fishing potential during your trip fishing with a hire van. Founded in 1997, they were a precursor of this kind of association. The company is composed of locally-trained certified professionals who live in the area year-round. They are committed to quality and are ready to share their extensive knowledge of fishing techniques and the best areas to fish depending on the conditions during your fishing trip in a converted van. The company’s guides share their knowledge and expertise. They work together in a fair, united way so your fishing trips in Lozère are great successes.

We Van, You Fish will connect you to the department coordinator who will put you in contact with the guide(s) who have availability for your desired dates and are the right fit based on your plans, technical expectations, fishing trip length and season. They will also help you set up your fishing trip itinerary with the various locations for each stage of your road trip in a converted van. As an optional service, we can also set up a detailed road book and provide assistance and fishing advice for fishing independently on days you don’t have a guide. To learn more about CGP48, explore their website

Three men are getting ready to fly fish

A typical day with Lozère fishing guides

Our guides will pick you up at your camping spot or give you an easy-to-find meeting point if you’re travelling around. Depending on the season, the fishing day will start relatively early and last until late afternoon or early evening. Or sometimes longer if your guide thinks it will be worthwhile to stay until nightfall. Routes are sometimes chosen based on the tourist destinations you want to explore, but our main objective is to offer you a quality fishing experience that suits your technical level and physical fitness, as well as the weather and water levels during your fishing trip. Very often, guides will suggest an exploration of two or three routes in the same day, with a different location the morning, afternoon and evening. During the day, the guides will be with you to help you explore fishing spots. But, most importantly, they will also give you technical advice and share their expertise in fishing strategies, fly selection and river approach. For beginners and relatively inexperienced fishers, we create flexible lessons that incorporate fishing techniques and environmental education so you can quickly make progress. High-quality gear is also available for fishers who need it. Lunch is usually provided by the guide and is eaten by the water.

A man’s fly fishing afternoon


The logo of the Compagnie des guides de pêche de Lozère

Book your campervan fishing holidays in Lozère

Contact us at +33 2 85 53 47 74 or give us your contact details below. We will be happy to exchange information, elaborate on the offer and book your campervan fishing weekend with you. Thank you !