The Artist & The wolf

Once upon a time ... there was the Artist. He set off, dark and lonesome, his guitar and his genius as his only companions, his shoes worn to edges on too many dusty roads...

The Artist and the Wolf

The image is beautiful. Certainly.

The fact is that he got bored long before he was eaten!
The old man had more on his madcap genius on the wisdom of his ancestors. MISTAKE! Yet they would have accused ... is one man to wolf meat! !

So if neither boredom nor the belly of a Canis Lupus Lupus tempts you, rather go with all your troops and rent a We-Van 9 seats minibus for your dates of concerts, performances, tours and other events!

Our artistic customers

We-Van is partnering with many artists from different scenes: music groups, comedians, theatre groups, dancers, and skaters...

We-Van works with customers nationally as well as on the European scene

The "artistic" offer from We-Van

  • We-Van offers the rental of Transporter Volkswagen T5 and of Caravelle Volkswagen T5.
  • Our minibus hire offers different volumes depending on whether long or short frame, set to 3, 6 or 9 seats (rear seats removable).
Volume (m3) Long frame Short frame
3 seats 5.8 6.7
6 seats 3.5 4.4
9 seats 1.5 2.4
  • We-Van is not the enemy of young people (artists) drivers! Like traditional renters, our insurance does not allow us to hire our minibus drivers under 21. However, at 25 to 21 years, when the price of the option "young driver" flies in the ordinary rental, We-Van is committed to keep only 10 € / day.
  • To satisfy your professional needs, , We-Van, as a specialist, offers offers many variations of its minibuses : the short and long versions, and leather upholstery, tinted windows, a variety of engines, systems hitch trailer ... You just have to directly address your special requests to your local We-Van agency. .

Your personal quote

We-Van enjoys working in partnership with artists. Within this framework, we implemented a customized quote service, to offer attractive rates on your rounds. Inquire directly at your We Van agency for further information.