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A campervan photo shooting, by Jeanne T.

April 15, 2016

A campervan photo shooting, by Jeanne T.

We van's first foray into advertising was an unusual encounter. Götz Göppert, the photographer, had just returned from a motorbike crossing of the Namibian desert, and after our photo shoot he had to go to the Abu Dhabi Automobile Grand Prix.


Between the two, WeVan's alchemists made him take a little detour to the most rural and exotic place of his career: the Hameau aux Ducs... And yet, nestling in a hollow of mulberry trees two steps away from the wild Cotentin coast, our rear base didn't seem to take the German photographer out of the country. The Cotentin is a bit like the Namib desert, only greener. As a meticulous organizer, Joseph had amply provided for the hydration of a transgenerational méharée: Augustin and his family as extras, Alexandre, the artistic director, François, the advertising consultant, Götz, and me, the Swiss Army knife.Shooting photo

Namibian Desert, but Greener

It's a caravan of vans filled to overflowing with a variety of accessories, fishing rods, surfboards, light dresses, wicker baskets, ironing board, which has, from dawn, travelled from point to point wild to recreate in a wet and windy atmosphere, the varied joys of life in a combi. Our little advertising stories began with the dishevelled awakening of the little ones, adorable in their pyjamas, who, very professionally facing Götz's lens, lined up their toes facing the sea.Shooting photo

Aligning toes facing the sea

The boys took part in a fishing scene in 50 cm of water that was probably not conducive to the actual practice of the sport. A small sacrifice at the altar of verisimilitude, because Götz seems more interested in recreating the atmosphere of the moment than a cosmetic image of the trip.Shooting photo

Sport fishing

Our reenactments finally brought us to the beach at dusk. Worried not to miss the blue hour, we hurried to install a semblance of bivouac. The wind had hardly weakened; bundled up under our plaids, we warmed our hands with the heat of a brazier under infusion of gasoline, and we toasted for fakes.Shooting Photo

Seeming of bivouac perfused with gasoline

Little by little, we ended up forgetting the frantic click of Goetz's camera swallowed by the night. And then... we ended up believing it, on holiday, on the beach, around the fire, the reassuring presence of a bed within reach. So thank you, WeVan, for making us live real false adventures in the immensity of a world we'll never be able to finish exploring...

© Photo : Götz Göppert

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