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We-Van is the rental company for short journey Minibus and Camper Van hire.

  • Our niche is high-range automobile rental.
  • Our business model is based around rare, deluxe vehicles.
  • In this vein, We-Van has nurtured solid partnerships with it-Van manufacturers such as Mercedes and Volkswagen.


We-Van van and minibus rental franchise


Found whole France, We-Vanis fast becoming a veritable Van specialist.

The European capitals present strong, untapped potential for the expansion and development of the We-Van concept.


What is a Van?

It’s a whole class of vehicle that offers endless qualities over long journeys.

The minibus includes a large trunk, seating space for 9 persons, and flaunts its comfortable upholstery. Economical, it doesn’t guzzle much gas and travels through tolls at the price of a normal car.

The Camper Vans are truly ‘homes on wheels’ and boast : a fully equipped kitchenette, 4 beds, running water, gas and electricity, and additional heating. Ideal for outdoor adventure holidays, they match like for like the complete autonomy of their passengers..

As it turns out, the Van is the perfect ally, as much for the French as for foreign tourists, to let you start discovering the French and European roads.


Why hire Vans ?

TheVan market is very much developed the world over, and notably across Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the U.S.A., the U.K. …This Van travel-trend naturally exists in France, too, where the developing market has moved from strength to strength in recent years.


We-Van van and minibus rental franchise


Why is the Van an under-developed concept in France ?

The only downside to the Van is its price. In our country, beyond the purchase of the vehicle, many taxes target the automobile owner. Also to factor into the budget are maintenance, insurance, repairs, and so on and so forth. These barriers hamper the usage of the Van.

By renting, We-Vanraises these barriers by allowing several clients to benefit from just one Van, over the course of one journey, or an entire holiday.The client optimises the vehicle’s usage and costs, whilst best meeting their needs.


Who are our clients ?

The majority (60%) of our clientele is made up of professionals in need of group transport: musicians, sports clubs, transporting professionals, companies on seminars... Their needs are frequent and recurrent.

The remaining 40% is comprised of holidaymakers (couples or families) looking to get away for a few weeks, or just for the weekend…


How do we attract clients ?

We-Van van and minibus rental franchise

Founded in 2010, We-Van has naturally developed across various internet portals.

The website is the shop-window, and the main channel for brand sales.

Developed in collaboration with several agencies, it has proved a very rewarding source of link traffic, referencing, yield management and online payment.

We-Van operates expertly in the domain of online sales, proudly boasting 82% of its reservations secured online.

By way of comparison, conventional agencies can only lay claim to 32% online sales (source : market study GMV Consulting /CNPA 2011).


Why choose the Franchise ?

Some numbers for you

  • A Vehicle generates rentalcosts of between 1500-2000€ before tax (higher than an average rental car).
  • The Sales Figures for the flagship agency surpassed 400 k€ in its 5th year, with development figures between 40 and 60% per annum.

The turnover is not the margin. The expenses accompanying the automobile are heavy, notably the ‘cost of ownership’ of the vehicles. This is where the We-Van savoir-faire comes in.

We-Van has put rigorous management processes into place, ensuring the franchisee does not run the business with fewer than 6 vehicles.

The option to specialize in a small range of vehicles helps us to homogenize the fleet and also to increase the vehicle rotation.

Developing into a franchise allows us to mutualize investments across the networks, and also to acquire the most effective tools at the lowest possible cost.

Working in a network is more of an asset than a headline. The spirit is not only positive, but it also facilitates numerous exchanges, profitable to one and to all. Today, the WE-VAN team counts fifteen members.

We are confident that the team spirit is the most valued asset of our young network.


We-Van van and minibus rental franchise


3 great reasons to take a close look at the We-Van concept:

  • We-Vanis a novel concept operating in a fast evolving, niche market.An audacious franchiseecould therefore rapidly develop its business in any big city, andblossom into a excellent, established enterprise.
  • Working at We-Van’s is pleasant the year round. With the average client’s income on the rise, developing service activities with a limited number of clients and a simple business model (in terms ofemployees and property), is now an option. The activities of the We-Van commander-in-chiefare readily compatible with a family life and the pursuit of personal hobbies and interests.
  • We-Van is an independent enterprise that has risen from the roots of its qualities, without any external financial backing seeking to artificially enhance its business growth. This autonomous development allows the franchisee to build a mutual relationship with the franchiser.


We-Van van and minibus rental franchise

We-Van, adhérent du Conseil National des Professionels de l'Automobile (CNPA).

We-Van, professionals recognized by and adhering to the Conseil National des Professionnels de L’Automobile (CNPA), Rental branch.