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Like our lizard friends, you might love hot weather and only hire a campervan in the summer. But deep down, don’t you have a bit of salmon in you? Wouldn’t you love travelling against the current by hiring a campervan in the middle of winter?

All you need is a bit of auxiliary heating to open up a whole world of winter possibilities! The opportunities are endless and filled with untouched spots, warm encounters and softer light on your road trips to the most beautiful ski resorts in Austria or the southern beaches in Portugal or Greece.

When it comes to living in your campervan, the good things just keep coming! The winter ambiance makes it feel like a cocoon for unforgettable evenings watching the snow falling through the windows or snuggling under a duvet to watch a good film. We promise that winter is also a great season for travelling in a van!

Why campervans are great in winter

Hiring a campervan in winter is less expensive!

Save up to 70% off summer prices with winter van hire. Put that towards some lovely warm restaurants while you’re on the road!

Winter meals, coming up! Or not!

Savour fondues or raclettes “from the source” in your campervan or at a mountain restaurant. Or, head further south to the Mediterranean for sun-inspired dishes!

Activities are also more affordable

You can often get low season prices on fun activities. Well, except for skiing. Winter is kind of a high season for that. Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about that!

Winter à la carte

With campervan hire, you are no longer at the mercy of the weather. You can decide if you want to count snowflakes or grains of sand based on the weather forecast.

A winter road trip in a campervan: guaranteed serenity

Take your time enjoying a trip all by yourselves in complete calm, far from jammed summer roads, overflowing car parks and packed nightspots.

Cosy evenings

There’s nothing like watching the snow fall outside while you’re cosy and warm. Park out in nature to enjoy it while also playing a hand of cards, reading a book or watching a film.

Fewer encounters... but deeper connections!

Everyone knows that adversity creates connection. You won’t meet as many people in the middle of winter, but those you do will be much more memorable.

The cold stops at the door of your van!

If you’re always chilly, don’t worry. We have a special line of campervans kitted out to withstand the cold. We guarantee your nights will be warm and cosy thanks to the insulation and auxiliary heating.

Where to go on your campervan trip

Where’s the best place to take a campervan in winter?

Break out of your routine with campervan hire in winter and head out on the road to breathe in the crisp air deep in nature. All of Europe is within reach, from fairytale landscapes in Scandinavia to peaceful beaches by the Mediterranean. Just create your own adventure.

Frosty destinations for winter campervan hire

As you can see, campervan rental is great for travelling all winter long. Climb tall mountains or head north (or both) and lose yourself in the fluffy universe of snow-covered landscapes. The best winter sports spots are all yours!

Fitted van travel fjords Norway

The Fjords of Norway

6° (winter average)

15 days and more

With its unrestricted (or almost unrestricted) wilderness camping and its breathtaking landscapes, Norway is a paradise for campervan travel. A trip that you will have to prepare well, as the traffic conditions can be difficult depending on the snow conditions, but that will be unforgettable!

Norway is the cradle of skiing and has superb winter sports resorts such as Trysil, Hemsedal or Hafjell (site of the Lillehammer Olympics), which will delight lovers of good snow. Although temperatures remain mild on the coast (close to 0), they can easily drop to -20° inland.... equip yourself accordingly! In order to enjoy the views of the fjords and the outdoor activities, we recommend to travel to Norway in a van for a minimum of two weeks.

Alpine travel van

From one resort to another in the Alps

12° (winter average)

8 days and more

Why limit yourself to a stay in a given ski resort, when you can enjoy the most beautiful ski areas of France or Italy without restriction with a well-prepared road trip in a van? From the French Alps to the Dolomites, take a tour of the most beautiful winter sports resorts! And there is no shortage of resorts in the Alps, between France (Avoriaz, Tignes, Alpe d'Huez), Switzerland (Grindelwald, Saint-Moritz) and Italy (Selva, Cortina d'Ampezzo), you will be spoilt for choice.

Winter and altitude mean cold! The temperature in the Alps from November to February is very variable and regularly falls below freezing. Cover up! Depending on the length of the itinerary you plan to cover, a good week will probably be necessary, or even more for the greediest.

Alpine travel van

Austria between lakes and mountains

6° (winter average)

8 days and more

Drive in a campervan to Vienna, enjoy the beautiful Austrian capital in the cosy atmosphere of winter, then drive up the Danube valley before visiting Hallstatt, admiring its lake and finally enjoying some downhill skiing in Kitzbühel, one of the most famous winter sports resorts in the world. What more could you want?

Beyond Kitzbühel, the Mecca of skiing, there is no shortage of magnificent resorts, including Sölden, Ischgl or Lech Zür. As in the French Alps, the temperature can drop well below zero in Austria. As Vienna is located at the eastern end of the country, it is not uninteresting to plan two weeks to enjoy the Austrian splendor.

Campervan travel Sweden

Northern Lights Hunting in Sweden

12° (winter average)

15 days and more

Less rugged and steep than its Norwegian neighbor, Sweden is still a great land of adventure with a breathtaking nature. And if you are not lucky enough to meet Santa Claus, the flatter horizon may allow you to see some northern lights.

As a good Nordic country, Sweden also has a beautiful sports culture and the infrastructures that go with it, such as the Åre domain, one of the largest on the Scandinavian peninsula. Of course, the average temperatures in Sweden are similar to those on the other side of the border, with an average range from -5 to -25°C. In order to cover the distance to Sweden and to enjoy it as much as possible on the spot, a trip in a van of a minimum duration of two weeks is recommended!


Winter van rental : playa destinations

You are not a fan of sub-zero temperatures, of sliding on snow or ice? Southern Europe has plenty of arguments to convince you to go and stretch your legs!

Van rental Italy

La dolce vita in Italy

6° (winter average)

15 days and more

With its internationally renowned gastronomy, history, culture and dream landscapes, Italy is a safe destination for travel in a converted van. Between the fortified villages of Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, the sweetness of Puglia, the sublime Rome, Florence or Venice, there is no doubt that you will find enough to concoct an exceptional road trip in a campervan. Italy is a permanent invitation to a quiet stroll, whether in its superb cities or its countryside. But also to a journey of the senses, with an incredible gastronomy: cooked dishes and tasty products, taste everything!

Far from the extreme temperatures of northern Europe, winter in Italy remains cool, with temperatures flirting with zero in the north of the country. On the other hand, they are much milder in the south and on the west coast, averaging around 10 degrees. From a long weekend of three or four days in a van in Tuscany to a road trip in a van of two weeks or more, everything is possible!

Corsica van rental

Corsica, from the sea to the mountains

12° (winter average)

8 days and more

Unavoidable in the summer, the island of beauty remains a splendid destination for travel in a converted van when winter comes. In the calm of the low season, you can enjoy its roads along the turquoise waters of the coastline or traveling through the heights of the island in search of incomparable views. Between the pretty villages and the wild nature, there is no lack of activities! Walk on the cliffs of Bonifacio, hike on the many paths that crisscross the island, or go out on a boat, the choice is yours!

No heat wave is expected in Corsica in winter, but mild temperatures on the coasts, with an average of 14 degrees. Don't forget to cover up if you plan to tackle a few peaks. Although the island is close by, don't forget to include ferry transportation when organizing your van trip. Ideally, plan a minimum of 3 full days on the island, or even a week and more if you want to enjoy it as much as possible.

road trip van fitted out Portugal

The waves of Portugal

12° (winter average)

8 days and more

Portugal offers a variety of landscapes and opportunities without equivalent in Europe. With its mountain ranges (where it is even possible to ski!) just a few hours drive from the Atlantic coast, a surfer's paradise, its cities and its cliffs, the destination is a must![Thanks to its geographical variety, Portugal is an almost inexhaustible land of adventure in a campervan, since you can visit its cultural heritage in Lisbon and Porto in particular, go out on foot in the mountains, in stand-up paddle, on horseback... or go and rub shoulders with its waves on one of the innumerable surfing spots of the country!

Although some areas in the north of the country and inland may experience negative temperatures in winter, the Atlantic coastline is spared from frost, with an average January temperature of 15 degrees in Lisbon! In order to take full advantage of the rich diversity of Portuguese landscapes, a two-week road trip in a van is not too much!

van rental travel Greece

The temples of Greece

6° (winter average)

15 days and more

Another particularly attractive destination in winter with a van, Greece does not lack arguments to make, between the richness of its plurimillennial heritage and its typical landscapes. Mountains, beaches, temples, monasteries, all within reach of your wheels without the risk of being blocked by snow!

With a van trip to Greece, history buffs will be delighted. Between the Acropolis, the countless temples, the Meteora mountain range, and many other highly symbolic places, Greece is indeed nothing less than one of the cradles of our civilization. The average temperature in Greece during the winter months is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, which means that you will never be snowed in. However, you should bring waterproof clothes in case of rain. Between the time needed to get to the country and the time needed to visit it, you should plan a minimum of two weeks of van rental!


Hire a campervan

Which campervan and options should you choose for a winter road trip?

The campervan you choose depends on what you want to do and what you need. Space, destination, comfort, manoeuvrability and accessories should all be considered. Let’s look at the details!

Campervan hire in winter

The difference between a converted van and a campervan is obviously the longer and taller dimensions: its larger size means you can fit more equipment in. The main advantage to hiring a converted van in winter is that it has a little bathroom with a toilet. This comes with hot water for a nice shower after a long day of snowshoeing. A converted van is halfway between a campervan (in its integrated form) and the traditional camper (in its interior layout). Another benefit to the larger size: converted vans have separate sleeping and lounge areas so you don’t have to put away and fold up the rear bench every morning like you do in a campervan. You can leave the duvets and teddies on the bed. Finally, converted vans are often better insulated (fewer windows, no pop-up roofs on most of them) and have more storage room for all kinds of winter gear.

Winter converted van hire is the ideal solution for an adventure with two to five people for long visits to northern countries or the mountains in maximum comfort. La location de fourgon aménagé en hiver est ainsi une solution idéale pour une aventure de 2 à 5 personnes, et de longs séjours vers le grand Nord ou en altitude dans un confort maximum.

Converted van hire in winter

Why winter is perfect for campervan hire

A campervan is more compact than a converted van. It’s designed to be effective, manoeuvrable and discreet. Although there’s less space, it’s optimised to be quite comfortable. The small size makes this van perfect for long trips.Even though it’s well equipped (most have a fridge, removable table, hob, sink and auxiliary heating), a campervan isn’t designed to be a living space. It’s more like a base camp where adventurers can lay their heads while spending most of their time outdoors. It fits two for those who want to stay warmer by sleeping below. Up to four can sleep in one if you’re not afraid of using the roof and losing a few degrees. (You’ll still sleep quite well there with good sleeping bags and a bit of auxiliary heating from time to time.) You’ll have to make up for the lack of a hot shower by spending a few nights at a campsite or home stay!

In short, a campervan is better suited for adventures in warmer lands such as southern Europe or along the Atlantic coast. Still, nothing’s impossible for those who are courageous!

Winter campervan hire

Winter equipment and options for campervans

To make your winter road trip easier in a campervan, it’s best to set yourself up with the right gear. Each campervan model has its own equipment and accessories. In addition to the essentials, some WeVan agencies near the mountains offer a winter comfort kit for some campervan models. Contact us for more details!

Auxiliary heating

To make your winter road trip easier in a campervan, it’s best to set yourself up with the right gear. Each campervan model has its own equipment and accessories. In addition to the essentials, some WeVan agencies near the mountains offer a winter comfort kit for some campervan models. Contact us for more details!

Snow/winter tyres and chains

Snow chains are an essential option if you’re getting ready to take on winter. Plus they’re required in some countries. The same goes for snow/winter tyres that make driving safer. They can often help you get out of tough situations all by themselves. (Subject to availability.)

Roof racks/cargo carriers

Some van models can be equipped with roof racks for transporting skis, snowboards, canoes or mothers-in-law. Add on a cargo carrier and you get a large additional storage space where you can stuff your winter coats, ski suits or Moon Boots (very practical so you don’t have to smell them while sleeping).

Show shovels and scrapers

After a long night of snowfall, a little shovel is always a nice option for getting a bit of morning exercise and digging your van out of its snowy cocoon. If you plan to head to higher altitudes or latitudes, ask for one before you leave and your agency will be glad to provide it at no charge. A windscreen scraper is already waiting for you in the van.

Vive le van d'hiver

sur les traces d'Antonin Charbouillot

Antonin Charbouillot (aka @charbs_explorer) est un jeune photographe professionnel passionné de grands espaces et des dernières frontières sauvages qu'il n'a de cesse de sillonner en raquettes, à skis, en pulka... ou en campervan. Sa connexion profonde avec l'hiver et le Nord le conduit à travailler fréquemment en montagne, en Scandinavie, au Canada ou encore en Alaska. Il nous parle de ses passions et nous offre ses conseils sur la vie en van aménagé au coeur de l'hiver.

"J'ai toujours eu une attirance pour l'hiver.
Au moment où les températures descendent et que les flocons commencent leurs longues voltiges autour de moi, je sens que l'aventure arrive à grands pas.
Je retrouve dans les pays nordiques et l'hiver tous les éléments qui m'inspirent le plus pour la photographie et l'écriture : le froid, la solitude, le silence.
J'ai d'ailleurs écrit mon premier livre dans ces conditions, et il est certain que j'aurai eu beaucoup plus de mal à le construire en d'autres saisons. L'hiver laisse le temps à la contemplation, aux lumières douces, et aux longues heures près du feu. Il nous incite à prendre le temps, faire le point. La vie tourne au ralenti comme celle de l'ours durant l'hibernation."

aventures en van aménagé Antonin Charbouillot

Une aventure hivernale en van aménagé

Voyager avec un van aménagé ou un fourgon aménagé en hiver, c'est une porte sur la liberté. On en oublie les hordes de touristes des saisons estivales, la route s'offre à nous.
Durant nos 2 derniers voyages hivernaux nous avons stoppé le van aménagé dans des lieux réputés très touristiques au Danemark comme en Slovénie, et nous étions absolument seuls à cette période ! Un vrai bonheur...

L'essence du voyage, ce sont aussi et avant tout des rencontres. L'hiver a cet avantage qu'il rapproche les locaux des visiteurs. Très souvent, j'ai pu observer un incroyable accueil durant mes road trips en van hivernaux, car les habitants, curieux de voir des touristes en cette saison, viennent facilement discuter pour faire connaissance.

Fourgon aménagé couchage
Van aménagé paysage enneigé
Van aménagé paysage enneigé

C'est également l'occasion de s'essayer à de nouvelles sensations et activités, comme le chien de traîneau ou encore le patinage sur les lacs glacés. Les vans aménagés et fourgons aménagés sont assez vastes pour mettre les paires de skis ou de raquettes ce qui laisse une grande liberté pour explorer à la journée des lieux un peu plus reculés. Pour les plus courageux le surf est praticable même en hiver (avec une grosse combinaison).

Durant l'hiver 2019 en Norvège, nous avons même poussé le voyage en fourgon aménagé au-delà du cercle arctique. Les aurores boréales étaient apparues avec la nuit et constellaient au-dessus du campervan. Un souvenir unique à l'image de ce périple hors du temps. J'aime cette idée de briser le quotidien pour former des souvenirs que je me remémorerai toute ma vie : ce genre de périple en fait partie.

van aménagé aventure hivernale
nuit en van aménagé

Mes conseils pour un voyage en van aménagé en hiver réussi

  • Dans les pays nordiques (Norvège, Suède, Finlande) les stations-service sont rares alors il faut bien faire un point en avance pour ne pas tomber en panne au milieu de nulle part
  • Dégagez la neige du toit avant de se remettre en route (pour éviter un accident)
  • Le papier journal ! C'est une technique de grand-mère lorsque les chaussures sont mouillées ou humides : rouler le papier en boule pour le mettre dans les chaussures. Au petit matin, le papier journal aura absorbé toute l'humidité
  • Attention de ne pas obstruer les ouvertures de chauffage stationnaire du van (nous avons fait fondre une chaussure en Norvège...)
  • Prenez vos meilleurs bouquins ! Ceux que vous n'avez pas le temps de lire lorsque vous êtes pris dans votre quotidien infernal. Ici, vous avez le temps. Quelques jeux de société également si vous êtes des adeptes !
  • Si vous envisagez un road trip en van aménagé dans un pays nordique, prévoir un bon duvet (au minimum un confort -5°) et des couvertures. Les nuits peuvent descendre jusqu'à des températures polaires et si le chauffage a un petit problème (tout peut arriver et autant le prévoir) vous aurez de quoi être à l'aise en toute situation
  • Ne pas oublier les chaînes + une petite pelle
  • Avoir une bonne paire de bottes ou de chaussures qui restent au sec en toutes circonstances afin de pouvoir évoluer autour du van de manière confortable
  • La nuit tombe rapidement en hiver et il faut l'anticiper. Toujours avoir un laps de temps pour revenir jusqu'au van aménagé si vous êtes parti explorer à la journée. Des lampes torche dans le sac sont également fortement recommandées
van aménagé coucher de soleil
van aménagé couple hiver