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3 seasonal autumn recipes for your van hire

October 26, 2022

3 seasonal autumn recipes for your van hire

Autumn is a great time to hire a van! Whether on the road or on your plate, its colours enchant us. And when it's time for a meal, our taste buds are not left out! Autumn is synonymous with cosiness and the kitchen area of your van hire will allow you to concoct comforting dishes as you would at home (with the added bonus of the view!), which will perfect and complete the atmosphere so typical of this season!

Here are 3 "special autumn" recipes, ideal for making in a campervan: quick, easy and colourful.

3 perfect autumn recipes to cook in a van rentalRoad Trip: cooking in a campervanRecipe 1: Pan-fried Carrots, Chestnuts and Sweet Potatoes with Thyme

Ingredients for 2 persons :

Preparation :

WeVan tip: for more comfort, consider opening the pop-up roof of your campervan and standing up! It's much more convenient to have access to everything and to cook standing up in your rental van, don't you think?

Road trip in a campervan: recipe ideasRecipe 2: Autumn omelette with mushrooms

Ingredients for 2 persons :

Preparation :

WeVan tip: Here are 2 applications to help you pick mushrooms. Champignouf and its advanced visual recognition technology, and Déclic Champi, a real mycological encyclopedia to take with you everywhere. Although these two applications provide you with the best possible information, it is up to you to be discerning when you are in the field. If in doubt, don't!

Recipes for cooking in a van

Recipe 3: Gingerbread Infusion

Ingredients for 1L:

Preparation :

So, would you like to cook these recipes during your van hire?

If you try or revisit one of these recipes during your next campervan or van rental, don't hesitate to tag WeVan on social networks! We'll be happy to share it again!


Article rédigé par Clémence

Crédits photos : @roammates @magnan.alexandre @wildstoriesby.charbs

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