Car Roof Tent Hire : zoom on our customers' family road trips

September 11, 2023

Car Roof Tent Hire : zoom on our customers' family road trips

It's just been released: NaïtUp Quatrö rigid roof tents are making their grand entrance at WeVan.
These car roof tents are available from WeVan branches in Caen, Lille, Marseille and Nantes!

Car rooftop tent hire is an alternative solution between a traditional tent and a campervan rental. It allows you to take your own car, 4x4 or van on a road trip and save on "rental mileage". Now you can enjoy nomadic holidays and adventurous road trips, and always have a comfortable place to spend the night, whatever the weather!

NaïtUp Quatrö : rigid car roof tent hire 

It was only natural that we should choose the NaïtUp Quatrö rigid car rooftop tent ! The result of many years of engineering, designed and manufactured in the Gard region of France, the product from this pretty French brand founded by two outdoor-loving mates in 2010 (like WeVan!) is high quality and easy to use! In 30 seconds, your car roof tent is unfolded (or folded), your bed with its high resilience mattress is ready and you can enjoy the view from inside your cocoon.

Car roof tent hire: family road trip

With its impressive volume when open, the NaïtUp Quatrö car roof tent hire is ideal for exploring the back roads with the family (2 adults and 2 children) or with friends (3 adults). The sleeping area folds out on the side of your vehicle, so you can sit or kneel down and move around without any discomfort: the children will probably find it hard to leave their perched hut...

Car rooftop hire :  Family road trip in France in the Rennes region

After a 1st experience with their children Maé and Soline in a Ford Nugget campervan hire, Guillaume and Julie decided to take advantage of the fine weather at the end of August to take the family away for a weekend in a car roof tent rental !

WeVan tip: when you hire a 4 person car roof tent from WeVan, we install and uninstall the tent on the roof of your 4x4 or your car (from a small city car upwards). PLEASE NOTE: all you need to do is fit your vehicle with standard transverse roof bars (from one side to the other) approved to support 75 kg or more.

Car rooftop tent: NaïtUp Quatrö 4 persons tent

"First stop near the Abbaye Notre de Dame de Paimpont under a beautiful sun for lunch by the pond. The children take possession of the car roof tent and enjoy the superb view while we prepare the bags for a walk.

At the end of the day, after a visit to the forges at Paimpont, we set off for the Etang de Trégu spot to spend the night. Doudous and duvets take their place under the tent while the children set the table for dinner. We can't wait to try out the rooftop tent to recharge our batteries after this magnificent day!"Road trip Brittany: car roof tent hire

"We set off on the 2nd day, and the ease with which we could set up and take down the 4 persons roof tent meant that we could set off on a tour along the Vilaine, stopping off at some very beautiful spots such as the Moulin du Boël or La Mare aux Mortiers, with each time there was time for the young and old to rest in the car roof tent to read, play cards or simply get some height and observe the magnificent scenery! We've already come to the end of the weekend and it's time to head back to Nantes to return the equipment.

4 persons roof tent: rigid car tent

"We have fond memories of these 2 days spent in a place we didn't know. We were able to rest and relax very easily, without any constraints. All our children had to say on the way home was: "It was great....when are we going to do it again in the hut, Mum and Dad?

WeVan 4 persons car roof tent hire

It's always a pleasure to relive your adventures with you, whether in our campervan hire or, as here, in our car rooftop tents!

Many thanks to all four of you for sharing these few days with us in the heart of the Rennes region. We hope you've enjoyed these few lines, dear readers, and that they've inspired you to hire a car roof tent so that you can take off on an excursion with your partner, friends or family!

This article was written by Clémence based on information gathered from Guillaume x Julie's family, who are all great customers with a smile on their face!

Photo credits : Pierre Lesueur

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