Rent a campervan for a climbing trip in the Gorges du Verdon

Every self-respecting climber has dreamt of it at least once... but why? Walls hundreds of meters high, compact limestone of incredible quality, all set in a fabulous natural park... The Gorges du Verdon are one of Europe's finest climbing sites. A dream spot for outdoor sports enthusiasts and van travelers.

Selection of the best climbing routes

The Hulk area at the entrance to the grand canyon is a must if you're looking for a full-length rind. The approach hike alone is an adventure. Here's a selection of great climbing routes:

Hire a Campervan

Climbing trip in a campervan

The gorges du Verdon are a mythical place, a journey of initiation for any self-respecting climber. But here, even more than elsewhere, we advise you to prepare your climbing trip in a converted van so that you can enjoy it to the full! To fine-tune your rope techniques and big-pitch climbing maneuvers, read the topos carefully and don't hesitate to ask around for information! Alternatively, you can always hire an instructor to help you enjoy your climbing holiday in the Verdon in complete safety! At the end of the day, your campervan awaits you for an evening and a night as close as possible to your climbing dreams.

Le Verdon, a magical name for climbers

For those of you with an insatiable appetite, remember that over fifteen hundred climbing routes await you! Whether you're climbing in the 5th, 6th or 7th degree, you'll discover unique places, on cliffs and mountains world-famous for their history and beauty. Climbing a route in this grand canyon is a privilege. For over 30 kilometers, great gray and yellow limestone walls rise vertically from an emerald river. There are no roads on the horizon and no noise, just nature, vultures and the ever-present emptiness. Climbing the Gorges du Verdon is a unique adventure, a total immersion.

Where to sleep during your climbing trip in a campervan?

The Verdon Regional Park does not tolerate wild camping. However, we recommend the communes of Rougon and La Palud-sur-Verdon, which offer breathtaking panoramas during your climbing holiday. At the entrance to the gorges, Castellane is also a good stopping-off point, with a caravanning area where you can park your campervan. But be careful! For your own safety, camping near the river is strictly forbidden. The Verdon is managed by a dam, so water levels and flows can fluctuate.