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Since rock climbing first started as a sport, the campervan has been to climbers what the mountain hut is to mountaineers: a comfortable shelter offering protection and freedom. You probably have an image in your mind of a rock climber wearing fluorescent tights, with long hair held back with a headband, living at the foot of cliffs and mountains in his campervan… Well, to be perfectly honest, apart from the fashion choices, that pretty much describes us.

But a rock climbing adventure starts with a road trip. You leave the city and gradually immerse yourself in a totally different environment. Then, you start your climb: moving across the rock face, looking for your route, discovering the world from a vertical perspective. Rock climbing is an opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and give yourself over to the small pleasures in life. Getting away for a weekend or a week in a converted van is a great way to get as close as possible to nature and to your climbing spot. It’s a lifestyle, a way of life!

Hire a Campervan

Why you should rent a campervan for your rock climbing trip

Campervans and the art of the travelling shelter

Since the best rock walls are often hidden deep in a valley, far from all lodging, the campervan provides the ideal solution. No need to get back behind the wheel after a long day of climbing: your house is right at the foot of the cliff! Early in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, you can observe your goal for the day from the window of your campervan.

Campervans and the art of recovery

There’s a good reason why climbers adopted the campervan life way back in the 80s… It provides the assurance of a well-deserved rest after a long day of hanging from a cliff. A shower and a nice, comfy bed will make all the difference when you have to grab onto that first hold the next day.

Campervans and the art of travelling

So, you’ve finished climbing all of the best routes in a climbing spot? Why not hit the road to check out another cliff? No need to look for a new place to stay: just turn the key in the ignition and start up your campervan.

Exceptional rock climbing adventures

As we want to be sure that your rock climbing trip in a campervan is a success, Camille, Raphaël, and Franck have specially crafted destination guides, written by hardcore climbers, the kind of people who spend more time hanging in a harness than on solid ground. If you cross paths with them at the bottom of a cliff, invite them for a coffee in your campervan and they will be happy to show you the lay of the land, the best cliffs… And they can even teach you to tie a figure-eight knot as fast as you would a Windsor knot!

Ideas for rock climbing adventures

Whether you’re a beginning climber or have years of experience, there are options for everyone.All you have to do is figure out where to park your campervan.

rock climbing trip in a converted van Tarn, WeVan, You Climb
Rock climbing trip in a van
to the Gorges du Tarn canyon
rock climbing trip in a converted van Verdon, WeVan, You Climb
Rock climbing trip in a van
to the Gorges du Verdon canyon