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Rent a campervan, surf in the Landes

Sand dunes, pine forests, converted vans on every street corner, always pine trees, and in the stores: perfectly aligned surfboards. Campervans from all over the world make no mistake. The endless beaches of the Landes and their world-famous waves are the perfect playground for a surf trip with friends or family. Welcome to the Landes, the ideal place to recharge your batteries in a campervan.

Here, the rhythm of life is dictated by nature, the wind and the conditions on the water. Depending on size and tide, the waves have something for everyone: beginners and experienced surfers alike, and often promise one hell of a show at sunset. A tip before you hit the road: don't rush to the beach. Once you've set up your campervan in the middle of the pines, there's something magical about the last rays of sunlight between the immense trunks! After Brittany and the Vendée, Mathilde and Mathieu embark from Bordeaux for a memorable surf trip in a converted van along the beaches of the Landes.

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Surfing sports in detail - The perfect Landes surf trip

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Biscarrosse : 🌊🌊🌊

Highlight: if this name sounds good to you, it's because this surfing town is one of the most famous on the Landes coast, and regularly hosts competitions. Powerful, tubular waves, initially reserved for experienced surfers, but perfectly accessible on shorter days. Of the five spots on the coast, prefer those further north, ideally from June to October. There's also an area close to the sea, under the pine trees, perfect for getting the ball rolling. Find out more in our book Drive Your Adventure | La France en van, de la Bretagne à la Corse.

Mimizan : 🌊

Highlight: with its 10 km of beach, Mimizan offers numerous peaks, often gentler than in the rest of the Landes and therefore perfectly suited to beginners. Its large surface area is ideal in summer when line-ups are crowded. Go for big boards and take advantage of the opportunity to perfect your maneuvers on waves that are sometimes empty at the height of summer - we love it.

Contis, Saint-Girons : 🌊

Highlight: should the crowds settle on the Landes beaches, don't hesitate to cross the winding roads through the forest leading to the small towns. Contis, for example, is a secluded spot split in two, with a busier northern section and a wilder southern section. The environment is similar to that of Saint-Girons, another must-see spot further south.

Moliet, Messanges: 🌊🌊

Highlight: the waves here are long and hollow. Similar to Seignosse, Hossegor or Capbreton. The Central and South beaches are ideal for intermediate surfers. That said, Moliets and Messanges remain accessible spots for beginners. As everywhere else in the Landes, they can simply prove to be technical beyond 1 meter.

Vieux Boucau : 🌊🌊

Highlight: the main beach offers several options, with pretty peaks departing left or right according to preference, especially to the south. Other peaks are located further north, and some work perfectly at low tide. However, beware of currents, so take your time to get a good look, and if it's okay, go for it! Note that life in Vieux Boucau is livelier than in towns further north. For a good night's sleep, nothing beats the area south of Lac Marin.

Capbreton : 🌊🌊

Strong point: provided the swell arrives in the right direction, a huge ocean fault imposes powerful, tubular waves on Capbreton. For beginners and intermediates alike, Capbreton is less swell-prone the rest of the time, making it an ideal fallback spot on big days, although the area behind and to the south of the blockhouses is often fast and hollow. The huge parking lot behind the dune often saves a lot of time.

A surf trip in the Landes

Unlike Brittany and its steep coastline, the Landes region's only relief is the sand dunes that separate the ocean from the forest. These are found all along the coast, offering not only magnificent views but also natural protection from the ocean. As the dunes and forests are often protected or private areas, access is restricted to campervans. Don't panic, though: the small towns along the way are gateways to the surf spots, and will happily provide sleeping accommodation under the pines or refreshments for aching crews. Our favorites are the large areas of Biscarrosse and Seignosse, just a stone's throw from the spots. They are particularly wild and give the impression of being in the heart of the forest. Don't forget your hammock.

The beaches of the Landes offer ideal waves for all levels. Surf schools, both fixed and itinerant, are sure to take you to the best spots. As everywhere else in the world, don't hesitate to book lessons with local surf teachers. If you want to stock up on supplies, the Landes is a small paradise for fish lovers - just head for the port of Capbreton! The department is also famous for its ceps, but our favorite is a pastis landais, to start with. In a nod to the south of France, we're talking about an orange blossom brioche, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee made in the campervan’s kitchen.

There's something for everyone on a surf trip in the Landes region, as long as you understand how waves work on a sandy bottom and the currents that can be encountered. In this respect, we're counting on you to ensure that the rules of safety and good conduct are respected both on and off the spots, as the pine forest is fragile and particularly sensitive to fires. Here you'll find the main places to enjoy a serene surfing holiday in a campervan in the Landes. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, don't hesitate to embark on a memorable surfing trip, close to nature.

Surfing in the Landes

A surf trip in a campervan in the Landes won't be like a surf trip in Brittany. Forget the steep, rocky coastline, here we're talking about a single, long stretch of sand offering some of the best sandbanks in Europe. Meaning: the best waves in the West.

While sandy bottoms generally offer softer, more accessible waves, the Landes has the particularity of capturing swell well, and small to medium conditions can quickly prove challenging. For crews of beginner surfers, your chances of encountering small conditions are best between April and September, especially in summer, when the waves are smallest. Another option is to take advantage of the winter swells, which each year offer an extraordinary spectacle of pro-riders towed by jet-skis and boards from another planet.

Here, as everywhere, you need to learn to read the ocean, spot the bays and currents, and take the time to observe before taking the plunge. Especially if, by chance, you've found a little spot out of sight. Thanks to your van, you'll certainly be the quietest, but you'll also be on unsupervised beaches. So don't forget to check with the locals or specialist websites before jumping in. The perfect surfing session is out there, somewhere, and it's up to you to do everything you can to find it.

A road trip in a campervan in the Landes region of France

Les Landes is a land of adventure. This department is packed with surf spots and fantastic places to stay. Renting a campervan is surely one of the best options for a surf trip. Vans are also very useful for storing and quickly transporting your surfboards and equipment from one spot to another. Don't forget to ask for roof racks, as well as an external shower for rinsing your equipment and a rope stretched between two pine trees for drying wetsuits. By the way, if you're looking for surfboards and wetsuits, you can rent them easily and for several days in the Pédebert area of Soorts-Hossegor, the place to be for surf shops.

To make the most of your surf trip, don't hesitate to cheat! A huge military zone will prevent you from taking full advantage of the entire Landes coast. So take the opportunity to get out of the Landes and explore a little further north, between Biscarrosse and the Arcachon Basin. You'll come face-to-face with the Dune du Pyla and other typical oyster-farming villages, with magnificent waves always close at hand! You're also free to explore the lakes and inland areas, which are particularly pleasant under the summer sun.

Finally, for your van roadtrip in the Landes, you have two options for getting around: the freeway, which runs along the entire coast, or the small inland roads through the pines that link each village. As our campervans are equally at home on small roads and expressways, you'll be able to move freely from the north to the south of the department in record time, and enjoy the wooded landscapes of the Landes at your own pace. So, when are we planning to leave?