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💎 80 € de réduc avec le code MINISUN24 valable jusqu'au 15/07, pour toute location de minibus > à 600 € en 2024

The boards are strapped to the campervan roof and the fins are cutting through the air, more than ready to ride the waves. It’s your time to enjoy awesome surf sessions from dawn to dusk. Plus, you’ll wake up peacefully in your room by the beach with a view of the waves from the window. Historically and culturally, campervan life has always been an integral part of surfing – the sport and the lifestyle. Now it’s your turn to head out on your own surfing adventure!

Hire a Campervan

Why you should rent a campervan for your surf trip

Campervans and the art of chasing waves

The rising tide and the offshore summer breeze blowing across the bay are your clues: this is the ideal place to get out in the waves. A campervan has been the ultimate equipment for surfers since the invention of the combustion engine. When you hire a campervan, you can explore and perfect the challenging art of tracking the best surf conditions. The goal? Learn to read the oceans and the forecast, make your way along the coast in your campervan searching for the perfect surf spot in France or Europe. And be the first to enjoy the waves and the view.

Campervans and the art of mobile surf camping

The routine always starts with a nice, hot coffee and a surf check. You can organise the rest of your day however you want: eat breakfast, surf, read on the beach, nap in the campervan or in a hammock, barbecue, do some more surfing until sunset, rinse the boards and take a quick shower (warm inside a fully-equipped campervan or outside in the fresh air) before you meet up with others to talk about the day, a drink in hand. Finally, slip into your comfy bed and drift off to the sound of the waves. Tomorrow, it’ll be same story, different day: you’ll be up early and heading a few miles down the road... or perhaps you’ll just stay put.

Campervans and the art of connecting with nature

A campervan is perfect for a surf trip and for exploring French or European coastlines. All you have to do is get out there! Whether you rent the smallest campervan or the biggest, you’ll be able to head wherever the waves or surf culture call you. Reconnecting with nature and meeting great people are integral parts of life in a campervan. Let yourself be carried away – you’ll very likely end up going much further than you planned.

How to enjoy an amazing surf trip

We called on our favourite surfer friends Mathieu and Mathilde to create our campervan surf trip itineraries. When they’re not giving away surf boards all around the world with their Paddle-Paddle charity project, they’re travelling around France in their vintage camper to their favourite surf spots. They’re happy to show us where to go and explain the basics of surf culture etiquette:

  • respect nature;
  • respect the right of way and other people in the water;
  • clear your mind and connect with the elements.

There’s something for everyone and every level. You coming?

Ideas for a surf trip in a campervan

Whether you’ve just started paddling or you’re doing backside 360s, there are spots out there for everyone.
All you have to do is figure out where to go with your campervan.

Spot in Vendée for a surfing weekend in a campervan
Surf Trip in Vendee by Campervan
Spot in Brittany for a surfing weekend in a campervan
Surf trip in Brittany by Campervan
Spot in the Landes for a weekend of surfing in a campervan
Surf trip in the Landes