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[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

Rent a campervan and go surfing in Brittany

Living at the rhythm of nature, letting yourself be rocked by the elements, reconnecting with it: believe us, we know by heart the benefits of a surf trip in a converted van. But you see, sometimes we like to set the bar a little higher. To try something that not everyone else does. An adventure that would leave a lasting impression and make us feel alive and well. An autumn surf trip in Brittany aboard a campervan for example. More invigorating than ever!

In sun or storm, this region remains majestic all year round, but it is even more so once the summer is over. When the tourists have left and the waves come back. The cold and the wind also, but they do not prevent the sun from shining, far from it. The last rays of the day allow travellers to quietly admire the incredible palette of colours of the Breton beaches, but also the show offered by the surfers in the water. Don't put away your boards and wetsuits just yet, after the Vendée, Mathilde and Mathieu will take you to the Breton surf spots.

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Details of surfing sports

La Côte Sauvage : 🌊🌊🌊

For those who don't dare to take the plunge, this place also has smooth, wide beaches, ideal for kite surfing, sand yachting and other wind-based beach sports. The Côte Sauvage itself is well worth a visit.

Sainte-Barbe : 🌊

Strong point: this long strip of beaches includes many spots very close to each other (Kerhillio, Ty Hoche, La Guerite, Mentor, Mané Guen and Penthièvre). So don't hesitate to change if your instinct tells you that it's better next door.

Guidel : 🌊

Its strong point is its long coastal road linking the different spots of the area by passing through the cliffs. It offers many beautiful places to enjoy the sunset and to spend the night, even for the highest vehicles.

La Torche : 🌊🌊

Strong point: renowned spot, but also very extensive. There is no lack of space at sea and on land. It is possible to surf on both sides of the point. Do not hesitate to explore and park on the side of Saint-Guénolé for more tranquility.

La baie des Trépassés : 🌊🌊

Strong point: head west to discover this mythical and somewhat isolated spot. In the evening, don't hesitate to go along the cliffs leading to Douarnenez to find one of the many places with a view where you can spend the night.

La Palue : 🌊

Strong point : isolated strip of sand in a protected park, La Palue is one of the most beautiful and famous spots in Brittany. An obligatory point of passage. The most daring surfers will push to the Cape of Goat on days of big swell, if only for the show.

A surf trip in Brittany

Brittany alone represents one third of the French coastline. Its winding and complex coastline offers many surf spots, more or less secret and as many different orientations. Thus, this region always manages to catch the swell and offers great fallback options in case of big waves. In this respect, it is important to respect the safety rules on the frequented surf spots, as well as the rules of friendliness and discretion on the unknown spots that you will discover.

There are so many surf spots that it is impossible to list them all. Here is a selection of the main ones, which will not fail to show you the landscape: rocky coasts, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an experienced traveller, Brittany has something for everyone in a van.

Surf in Brittany

With its coastline and its multiple reliefs, Brittany offers waves of all types and for all levels. It remains to know which ones are made for you. The principle in surfing is that the wave depends on the composition of the bottom of the spot. The rock generally ensures a powerful and constant wave, ideal for the intermediate and advanced levels. Sand generally offers a softer and more accessible wave. However, beware of the baïnes, as well as the orientation of the spot, the direction of the swell, the wind and the level of the tide. These parameters can change everything. So remember to get all the information you need from the many schools, local surfers or specialized websites before jumping in the water, but be sure of one thing: the ideal wave is never far away.

Road trip in a campervan in Brittany

Brittany promises an endless list of surf spots. Renting a van is therefore essential to find the one that will best suit the crew. With the boards attached to the solid roof bars, the campervan has always been the historic ally of surfers, whether it is to quickly get warm after each session or to dry the wetsuits on the mirrors. Brittany being particularly wild, renting a van will also allow you to explore the surroundings of the spots which abound in small isolated areas, sometimes on top of magnificent cliffs at sunset. It is up to you to find them and, as for the surf spots, to respect them and keep them secret.

Note that in Brittany there are no motorways, so no tolls. However, there are fast lanes, limited to 110 km/h, which allow you to travel freely and quickly from one end of the region to the other.

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