[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

[NOUVEAU] Payez votre location de van en 3 ou 4 fois avec notre partenaire Alma !

Good reasons to rent a van in spring

May 31, 2023

Good reasons to rent a van in spring

Love and flowers last only one spring, according to Pierre de Ronsard. Putting aside a certain romantic pessimism, and ignoring his observations in the field of botany, we can nevertheless observe that the season in question also sometimes seems more fleeting than we would like. Stuck between a winter with too short days and a summer sometimes (too) full of travellers, it is nevertheless an ideal time for a road trip in a rented van.

Finding the light

We can say what we want about the time change (from winter to summer and vice versa), but the return of spring and its light-filled evenings is a great boost to morale. If the weather is kind to you, renting a van in spring means you can enjoy those sunny afternoons again! To extend your hike and go a few kilometres further, to stay a little longer in the water, which is still a little cool, or simply to do nothing. But to do nothing in natural light!
And it's a perfect time to experience the long days of Northern Europe for the first time in your fully equipped van. If you've always been curious about this special rhythm, spring is the perfect time for a van road trip to Norway or Sweden. 

Spring as a catalyst

With the return of light and warmer temperatures, the whole of nature emerges from its winter lethargy. The spring is the perfect time to experience this eternal renewal as you travel through the countryside, forests and mountains.
And it's not just nature that will be back in action! While we often tend to let ourselves go a bit during the winter (let's face it, melted cheese is both our best friend and our worst enemy), spring delivers the boost we need to get back in shape. It's the perfect time to start exercising again, whatever form it takes. Long hikes in the mountains, mountain biking or kayaking, etc. A trip in a van in the spring is an ideal way to get some fresh air, both for the body and the mind.

The beautiful season before the high season

If you look closely, isn't spring a sort of improved summer? With its pleasant temperatures without being stifling, allowing you to enjoy the last ski outings of the season as well as the first days at the beach later on. Renting a camper van in spring is a promise of adventure and versatility!
In addition, a campervan rental in spring also means an early escape from the busy summer tourist season. This means that you will have more freedom to roam the roads and paths in your hire van or to enjoy the activities on your programme, with the added bonus that campervan bookings are easier to obtain.

Finally, mid-season also means mid-price (mathematical accuracy not guaranteed). A spring break in a camper van will allow you to benefit from advantageous rates, whether it's for the camper van rental itself or for the various activities, sports or cultural, that you plan to indulge in. If only it were spring every day!

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