Top guide to travelling by van

Drive Your Adventure. A Guide to Road Trips Through Europe by Van
By Elsa Frindik-Pierret & Bertrand Lanneau, Éditions La Martinière
320 pages – 19 x 25.5 cm – €29.90 - April 2017

Top Guide to Travelling by Van


Elsa and Bertrand spent six months wandering the backroads of Europe in a campervan, exploring 24 countries on a trip that covered more than 35,000 km. WeVan has partnered with Éditions de La Martinière to publish this story of an incredible voyage that reads like a novel illustrated with breathtaking photos.

This book is packed with advice and practical tips gleaned from their experiences in real time, plus recipes made in the van from local products, GPS coordinates for the best nightspots and a list of essential items to bring along. This volume is an essential guide to vanlife, written for anyone who loves road trips or wants to try out the experience, as well as for all the adventurers looking for new ways to escape!

One thing is certain – after reading 320 pages from this travel notebook filled with adventure, you’ll only have one thought in mind: when can I go on my own campervan trip? And as Elsa says so well, "We couldn’t wish you anything better."



  • 320 pages of adventure
  • 24 countries explored
  • 11,653 photos taken by Bertrand
  • 185 travel days
  • 15 meals eaten at a local's home
  • 24 countries explored
  • 35,000 kilometres driven
  • 27 ferry crossings
  • 1 quarrel



"We experience so many different emotions during the course of a day. And they feel so much more intense than in our "ordinary" life. Maybe it’s just because we’re in such an incredible context. Every disappointment is taken to heart. The smallest hiccup on the road sets our nerves on edge. Yet, each lovely person we meet becomes our best friend that day, every beautiful landscape fills our hearts and gives us energy to continue on. Everything is stronger, more intense. We live without a filter, without social conventions. It’s like going back to our most basic emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust. And love…we have to add love to the list as it’s the emotion guiding this trip and this coupledom we’re creating."



"Daylight filters through the gaps in our van Patrick’s curtains, tickling our faces. It’s so lovely to wake up with the sun. No annoying mobile phone alarms or buzzers. We stretch and start our morning routine: I roll the sheets, fold the bed, and set out breakfast. Bertrand opens the curtains and puts things away. Habits form quickly even on the go. After downing tea, rusks, and cereal, we look at the map and choose our destination. This is one of the moments we enjoy most. We’re free to go wherever we want. To choose and then take off."



"When evening comes, we hunt out a spot to sleep. It needs to be quiet, pleasant, flat and have a lovely view, if possible. We’ve created a bedtime routine, as well. I unfold the bed and Bertrand gets out the curtains and puts them up. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is the golden rule for van life. In Patrick’s narrow but comfortable bed, we aren’t missing anything. We’re carrying everything we need in this vehicle. We realise how useless a bunch of stuff is. We have very little, but it feels like all we need."